School district catches up on building permits for projects

by Emmitt B. Feldner of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – The school district got a remedial lesson in the city’s building permit requirements Thursday.

The Plan Commission approved a site plan for two accessory buildings at Plymouth High School – one already completed and the other already under construction by the school’s building trades classes.

“The cart got a little ahead of the horse here,” Building Inspector Pete Scheuerman told the commission. He pointed out that district offi cials had not realized that a building permit and site plan approval was necessary for any accessory buildings on the high school grounds, just as anywhere else in the city.

“They were not put up maliciously. They’re simply garages and storage buildings, and the district did not realize they needed approval,” Scheuerman added.

He noted that the district will be charged twice the normal fee for the two permits, which is the penalty required under city ordinances for failing to obtain a permit before building.

Ann Gamoke, director of pupil services for the school district, told the commission that the school used the incident as a teaching lesson for the building trades class. “The building trades teacher did explain to the students that we made a mistake. We have explained to them don’t make this mistake when you’re adults.”

The commission approved a certified survey map for a 3.1-acre parcel on Eastern Avenue between Advance Auto Parts and the Pick ‘n Save grocery store.

The new map was requested by Anchor Bank of Milwaukee, which owns the parcel. It snips off a triangular piece less than one-tenth of an acre in the southeast corner of the property.

Scheuerman explained that the change will allow for creating needed turn angles on the driveway/private road to the lot from Eastern Avenue.

Surveyor Anthony Luloff said the land drops off significantly at the end of the road where the new outlot will be created.

“There have been some rumblings of people having interest in that property, but I don’t know who’s doing what,” Scheuerman added.

A modification to the plans for the planned Endries Express cold storage facility on Blanke Court in the southeast industrial park was approved by the commission.

The 50,000-square foot building, approved last fall by the commission, will be built farther to the west on the 4.2-acre lot than originally planned, due to the discovery of soil issues on the eastern end of the lot where the building was originally planned.

In addition, the fire lane originally designed to go completely around the building and connect to County PP will instead be shortened to end in a cul-de-sac just north of the building, to avoid going through the area with soil issues.

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