To the Editor,

In response to Matt Pommer’s article on roads, his point is that we are overwhelming ourselves with decisions that will destroy our vehicles and our pockets, purses and driving pleasure. The determination to develop a massive road system was made before the reality of revenue to pay for it was decided.

I recently drove State 23 from Plymouth to Fond du Lac. The road was so bad, bumpy and scary that I decided not to drive on it again until it was repaired. I chose a more rural route for the return.

Weather damage to concrete due to temperature changes has not been enough a part of the budget process. It is up to citizens to demand that the present roads be repaired and that future new road construction be put aside until our pockets have enough funds to make them a reality.

In Milwaukee they speak of spending billions on increasing concrete, when taxes are already a sad issue.

Everyone should take responsibility for contacting their local officials to end the unreality of increasing roads before we have fully repaired and funded the ones we have.

Smooth travel to us all.

Carol “Rittenhouse

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