To the Editor,

As a county board chairman, I have the privilege of conversing and working with other countylevel officials around the State of Wisconsin. It is always interesting to see what kinds of policies work and what kinds of policies simply do not benefit residents. As Ozaukee County Board Chair- man, Lee Schlenvogt has helped to make his County a model for the rest of Wisconsin.

As leaders of our mutual counties we share the same fiscal conservative values and nature of strong leadership. We have both reduced the size of the County government through department consolidation and we listen and respond to our residents. Lee will provide true representation for the 20th District as your State Senator. Lee has a record of leadership and action when it comes to fiscal conservatism. But beyond his numerous impressive accomplishments, Lee is a man of integrity, a person who brings people together for the betterment of citizens, and someone I am honored to call my friend.

Lee Schlenvogt has done many great things for his community and Ozaukee County and I know that he would make the residents of the 20th district proud in Madison. Vote for Lee Schlenvogt on February 17th.

Roger Te Stroete
Chairman – Sheboygan
County Board

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