Cascade park to be expanded by 10 acres

Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

CASCADE—In the past few months, Village President Dave Jaeckels had been authorized by the village board to negotiate a possible purchase of 5 to ten acres of land adjoining Cascade Memorial Park.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, Jaeckels said the land owners have accepted the village’s offer for ten acres at $1,000 per acre. With other costs, Jaeckels said, the total cost will be in the $13,000 to $14,000 range.

“I think it’s a good opportunity to get some land adjacent to the current park, to reserve that for future use of the village” said Trustee Gerald Hendrickson. “I think the price is more than fair.”

Jaeckels said one citizen had asked him if purchasing the land would raise taxes. He explained that, throughout the years, the village had put money into a reserve for just such a purpose. There is more than enough in that reserve to cover this purchase, so it will not affect taxes.

The board voted unanimously, by roll call, to purchase the land, so long as the final price did not exceed $14,000.

Cell tower offer

The village owns a plot of land on which stands a cell phone tower. The village receives a monthly rental from AT&T, who owns the tower. “Our agreement with them is, I believe, a 30-year agreement with an escalator clause,” explained Jaeckels. “If and when they would ever want to opt out of the contract, or abandon the tower, the tower would automatically become our property.”

A company called Unison offered the village $137,711 for a 50-year easement on the land where the cell tower stands (plus a little additional land).

Jaeckels shared with the board some calculations he’d made, and summed them up by saying, “In the next ten years, we will make approximately $134,324 off of the tower receipts,” with the current agreement with AT&T.

The board unanimously voted to decline Unison’s offer.

Other village news

The village has its own RLF (Revolving Loan Fund), but had the opportunity to combine with the RLFs of several other communities in Sheboygan county. This was brought up at the January meeting, but a decision was deferred for a month, allowing the RLF committee to conby sider this consolidation.

The committee’s recommendation to the board was for the village to decline this opportunity, and to continue operating its own RLF independently. The board voted unanimously to do so.

Rebecca Persick, Sheboygan County Court Commissioner and candidate for Branch 4 Circuit Court, introduced herself to the board. She described her background, her reasons for running for this position, and named several people who endorse her. The position she’s running for does not allow affiliation with a political party. She has bipartisan support.

A Boy Scout contacted the board, asking about possible Eagle Scout projects. Jaeckels told the board he’d suggested some work on the gazebo in the park. Trustee Jason Harrison knows the boy, sees him regularly, and said he would follow up.

Two building permits were issued in January.

Police report for Cascade: 4 citations, totaling $80.00; 4 warnings; six complaints investigated; 8 property checks. The complaints consisted of 3 winter parking violations; a lost wallet; a call to assist the Sheriff; and an EMS call.

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