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To the Editor,

A week or two ago in the Review you had an article about our politicians in Madison voting themselves a big pay raise. This reminded me of the annual meeting of the Plymouth School System last Sept. At this meeting a former board member made the motion to give themselves an 8% pay raise. While some board members tried to save face with the tax payers by talking against the raise, knowing full-well that there were enough teachers on the board who had just received a big pay raise, and weren’t about to vote against the hand that feeds them. The raise was cut and dried.

Superintendent Dassow, Board president, St. Clair, and Business Manager Jon Miller were all in favor of these raises, showing their financial irresponsibility.

Some board members may say they didn’t vote for the raise. This is true, but you didn’t vote against it either. In fact you didn’t even take the time to come to the meeting and represent the voters that elected you.

Our state has a projected 2 billion dollar deficit, but yet you voted for a pay raise. Our old school system had a projected $100,000 deficit at the time of the meeting, yet voted for a pay raise. These are our elected officials… many seeking re-election.

Thank you,
Roger Pietsch

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