Bringing in a new therapist half my size - and twice the fun

Emmitt B. Feldner for The Review

She wasn’t satisfied with the therapy she was getting at home, so Terry went out and brought in a new therapist – her grandson.

Terry’s been home almost three weeks after having knee replacement surgery and, while she’s making great progress, I probably can’t claim any of the credit.

Aiden got to spend a long weekend – almost a full week - helping Mee-Mee rehabilitate when his father took his mother off on a Valentine’s Day weekend trip out east, to Niagara Falls and a Broadway play in New York City, among other things.

It was guaranteed to improve Mee-Mee’s mood, if for no other reason than she was probably more than tired of seeing just me and the dogs around the house all the time.

Of course, all of her grandsons help improve Terry’s disposition and outlook immensely, as well they should, and this proved no exception.

For one thing, it got her out in the kitchen, making all of Aiden’s favorite foods – pancakes, waffles, pizza and Jello, among others.

For her, the kitchen is almost as much a therapy room as the one she’s been going to at a local clinic three times a week and perhaps less stressful.

Naturally, Aiden was more than happy to be the beneficiary of her therapeutic exercises – however much she needed to do, and even more.

I do have to say they were probably more fitting than his idea of therapy.

For instance, I’m not sure how much benefit Terry got out of sitting and watch a half-dozen epi- sodes straight of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” or “Power Rangers” with Aiden, but she endured it nonetheless.

Equally, I’m not sure how much it improved the range of motion in her knee or her mobility to lose 10 straight games of “Lego Star Wars” on the Wii gaming system to Aiden – but she gamely did it.

It was perfect for Aiden, though, as he took great delight in constantly zapping and killing Mee-Mee, whatever character she happened to be playing.

Terry did take advantage of her guest therapist, though, finding more than a few movies on Netflix that the two of them could enjoy together.

There was some good therapy for Terry during the week – at least, what she would define as good therapy.

It seems Aiden packed his own bag for this trip to Mee-Mee and Poppie’s and only packed a couple of pairs of socks.

It didn’t take much for Mee-Mee to decide that meant we had to go shopping and get Aiden enough new socks to get him through the visit – and a few months more, by the time she was done.

For Terry, shopping is the perfect therapy for anything that ails her – from knee replacement surgery to a hangnail.

It meant we all got to spend some time over the weekend at the mall looking for socks – and whatever else struck her fancy – for Aiden.

Fortunately for Aiden, there was a toy department in the store where he could do a little browsing while Mee-Mee finished her shopping.

As for me, I was just along to serve as chauffeur.

Since he was missing a few days of school, Aiden brought along some math and reading homework to help him keep up with the work he’d be missing.

It took more than a little coaxing to get him away from the television and the video games to do his homework – which of course brought back memories of his father and his uncle – but we managed to get it all done in between Aiden’s more important pursuits.

At least Mee-Mee didn’t have to chase him down to get him to do the homework, which probably would have been a little bit too intense a workout at this point – that was my job.

Aiden’s parents are back from their romantic getaway weekend – which included a snow-delayed birthday party for my sister-in-law that they happened to be in town for – so Terry’s back to her old, boring therapist.

I have an idea that Aiden is going to be called back for more intense therapy sessions as soon as possible.

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