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DOT releases performance reports

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) released its quarterly MAPSS Performance Scorecard, which rates how well the department is doing in the five core goal areas of mobility, accountability, preservation, safety and service.

“The MAPSS Scorecard provides an objective way to assess where we’re meeting established goals and where we’re falling short,” said DOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb in a press release announcing the reports. “The metrics help us to take steps to address performance that’s trending in an unfavorable direction.”

The latest MAPSS Scorecard shows:

· Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) customer service measures improved with 84 percent of DMV service center customers served within 20 minutes, nearly 74 percent of DMV phone calls answered within two minutes and 89 percent of customers able to schedule road tests in a timely manner.

· Safety numbers continue to trend in a favorable direction or hold steady. Wisconsin ended 2014 with the lowest number of traffic fatalities in 70 years.

· The department exceeded goals set to deliver transportation projects on-budget.

Several performance measures are trending in an unfavorable direction. This includes hours of vehicle delay on the Interstate system and travel time reliability.

Over 75 percent of the delays affecting drivers are along four corridors: I-90/94 from Madison to Eau Claire; I-94 from the Badger Interchange to the Marquette Interchange; I-94 from the Marquette Interchange to the Illinois state line; and I-43 from the Marquette Interchange to Green Bay.

Three significant incidents that lasted over seven hours prevented the department from reaching the established incident response goal to clear full closures on the Interstate within an average time of four hours. The average time in the last quarter was 4 hours and 30 minutes.

The MAPSS Scorecard includes a new measure on program effectiveness that will be used to evaluate how well scheduled highway improvement projects align with the improvements suggested by asset management models. The overall goal of this measure is to ensure the right projects are being done at the right time and the right place.

In addition to the MAPSS Scorecard, the department released a new report titled, “Better, Faster, Lower Cost: A Performance Report of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.” This online report summarizes a variety of activities underway to provide high quality transportation programs and services and to advance new techniques that allow things to be done faster and at a lower cost.

“It’s a department priority to make the best use of available resources,” said Secretary Gottlieb. “Many activities are underway throughout the department to improve our performance and best meet the needs of the state.”

The new online report, along with the complete MAPSS Scorecard and Performance Report, are available on DOT’s website at

Citizens Academy offered again

The men and women of Sheboygan County’s law enforcement agencies will conduct another Citizens Academy this year.

The academy will encompass many different facets of law enforcement. It will provide numerous hands-on opportunities to gain a better understanding of how and why law enforcement agencies serve the community the way they do.

The academy will be held for three hours in the evening over 11 consecutive weeks, starting March 12. There is no cost for participants.

Applications are available now at the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department, 525 N. Sixth St., Sheboygan, and on two websites: and

Applications must be returned by Friday, Feb. 27, 5 p.m.

For more information contact Lt. James Gottsacker at the Sheriff’s Department (

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