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To the Editor:

On Page 11 of the Thursday Review, we are told that the Plymouth City Council intends to give a 24 percent raise to Police Department file clerks, and a 37 percent raise to part-time police! (Benefits, of course, must be added.)

Does the council realize that the economy is in recession? Do they realize that 10 percent of the people in this county are unemployed? Is the city having trouble finding or retaining file clerks at $12/hour plus benefits? Does a survey of the local economy suggest that file clerks are paid $29,800/year plus benefits?

Once again, the council is demonstrating a total disregard for the voters and taxpayers who foot the bills. Many of Plymouth’s non-government workers take jobs with temp services that pay $9 to $12 per hour. How does the council feel that those people can afford 24 percent to 37 percent raises for government workers?

John L. Beales

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