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Time of need

To the Editor,

On February 26, 2015, the Rourk family lost their belongings to a house fire. Fortunately no one was injured. In response, the community has offered over- whelming support in our time of need.

We would like to thank our community and the Plymouth Police department, the Plymouth Fire department as well as all of the assisting fire departments, Sheboygan Falls, Kohler, Oostburg, Cascade, Greenbush, Elkhart Lake, and Johnsonville, for your hard work in efforts to save our residence of nine years.

We truly appreciate every- one’s help and prayers. Donations can be dropped off this Saturday, March 7th, 2015 from 12pm-4pm at 828 Ann Court, garage #4 in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

The simplest items are needed.. furniture, bedding, blankets, bathroom items, towels, dishes, pans, anything a home would have in it, is needed.

We really appreciate your help getting us on our feet again. The family and friends have also set up a disaster fund to help them find shelter. Please go to Bank First National and drop off a note or donations to any of our locations and mention the “Rourk Family Disaster Fund.”

Thank you, The Rourk Family

More or less?

To the Editor,

As people of faith, the members of Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice believe in the rights of workers to fair wages, safe working conditions, and collective bargaining to ensure their voices are heard. So-called “right to work” laws such as the one about to be fast-tracked through our legislation weaken these rights, to the detriment of all.

“Right to Work” should more properly be called “right to work for less”. States with these laws have lower wages, higher unemployment, less access to health care, and worse education.

Our state is currently facing a serious budget deficit, which this law will do nothing to address.

Rather than spending time on legislation that will hurt our working families and our economy, our legislators need to be working to create jobs, raise the minimum wage, accept federal funding that will allow us to expand BadgerCare while also addressing the budget shortfall, and restore funding to education.

Rev. Khyati Penney Johns

Board Member, Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice


Rev. Khyati Penney Johns

Still Point Zen Center

Random Lake, WI

Cell: 414-531-7575


To the Editor,

There seems to be confusion on the part of Mr. Rudnick (Vil- lage President of Elkhart Lake). He stated that he believes the Memorial Tribute program committee is a village committee

The committee is not a village committee. The committee was never appointed by the village board and/or the village president.

In the spring of 2002 we, the founders (there were two of us), went to Jeanette Moioffer, then the village clerk and requested the use of the village property on the corner of Osthoff and 67, to hold a program honoring our veterans. At that time the only use of this property was a welcome sign to the village. It was not landscaped, it was only a vacant piece of village property.

Jeanette told us that we would need permission from the village board to hold a program on village property. The board approved our use of the property and with help from the Elkhart Lake Area Women’s Club, we used their speaker system and recorded music. We held the first memorial tribute program.

The following year the Elkhart Lake area Lions requested, from us, the founders, if they could join our efforts to hold a program to honor our veterans. We were delighted, and the Lions appointed three members of the planning committee. They had the majority membership on the committee and therefore it became the Lion Memorial Tribute Program Committee, in fact if not in name. Sometime later the other founder retired from the committee leaving only one original member. Jeanette continued to provide village input as the contact person with the village board. Her help was greatly appreciated, and was the main contribution by the village. None of the members of the Memorial Tribute Program Committee were appointed by the village board and/or village president. None of the committee members have ever been asked to serve on the committee by the village board or have been informed by letter on yearly basis by the village of an appointment. Mr. Rudnick has not made any appointments to the committee at his organization meeting held each year after the election. The committee is not listed as an official village committee; therefore it is not a village committee.

Mr. Rudnick is correct that the Memorial Park is now a village park. We can thank the Lions and all the village supporters of the Lion’s efforts for the beautiful park area at the entrance of our village proper. It was the Lions who had the vision, who raised the funds to design, build and maintain the memorial area of the park. This is the organization that worked and worked, sold countless brats, and I believe, raised more than $100,000 to design, build and landscape the Memorial Park.

This is the organization that turned an unused weedy lot into the expression of honor and respect for our veterans that we all take pride in. The Village Board at that time saw the vision and approved the project and village funds to complete the park. It is really an extraordinary memorial to our veterans. And yes, the village also uses tax dollars to support the park and the lighting of the memorial. It is known as the Lion’s Memorial Park for two reasons. First, the Lions became the lead organization of the Memorial Tribute program, and second they designed, funded and built the memorial. Without the Lion’s vision and execution, the park area would be little more than mowed weeds.

Village parks and other public areas are used by many organizations for events. The Village Board is responsible to determine if the event are worthy of the use and support of the village. The organizations make requests to the board, they present their plans, and if the board does not believe the proposed event is worthy they reject the use of public areas. This is the proper function of village jurisdiction. It is not proper to base your decisions on personal feelings. No other organization that uses our public areas are required to have a member of the Village Board sit on their committee.

Where will it stop? Is this the beginning of increased village board committees? Will Mr. Rudnick now appoint Village Board members to other event committees? Community organizations sponsor many events including but not limited to: the Fireman’s Parade, the Fireman’s Picnic, the Vintage Car Shows, Schnee Days, Triathlon, Downtown Night, Tree Lighting, Lake Street Run, and the Easter Egg Hunt? Will these events now be controlled by Mr. Rudnick via village board appointments? Or is it that he has so little regard for the Lions that he assumes he can control their committee structure and event planning because he found displeasure over a Memorial Tribute speech?

Mr. Rudnick, I know that your only purpose in restructuring the Lion’s Memorial Tribute committee is to expressly remove me from service as you stated to me last summer in front of a witness and to others in our community. I also know that you have stated that you will rescind this decision if I no longer serve on the committee. My respect for the Lions runs deep! Therefore I resign my position on the Lion Memorial Tribute committee so that they may proceed with their planning without further interference from you.

Marcia Schamberger

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