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Emmitt B. Feldner • forThe Review

Reading a bedtime story for our grandsons has become a collaborative effort.

Where it used to be reading a bedtime story to Ty, Nolan or Aiden, now it’s more like reading with them.

Can’t say whether that takes the pressure off their grandparents or not, but it does make for a nice experience – and just more unwelcome proof that they, and we, are getting older.

The latest instance came over the weekend when Aiden and his mother spent Saturday night with us.

He decided we could read his new book together, one that Mee- Mee had bought for him.

Being Aiden, it was naturally a Star Wars Angry Birds book and we took turns reading pages.

We got through it just fine, but I have to admit that it wouldn’t have been my first choice of reading material.

Somehow, though, I don’t think I’m going to be able to interest him in letting me pick out the book next time.

For one thing, the two of us reading a 300- or 400-page history book would probably take a lot, lot longer than just one night – although it would probably do the trick of putting him to sleep pretty quickly.

He would probably feign sleep after the first couple of pages just to get out of reading any more.

Terry and I had been on an outing earlier in the day to the sports show in Milwaukee, which was her first trip outside the county since she got her new bionic knee in late January.

The sports show is a chance to connect with Terry’s brother, who owns a fly-in fishing resort in northwest Ontario and has a booth at the show every year.

Since Steve and Evie winter in Florida and summer in Canada – and spend the other seasons in between the two – we have to take advantage of those occasions when they’re en route from one to the other to catch up with them in person.

Thus our annual visit to the sports show – although it’s not for booking trips or buying a new boat or gun.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Terry doesn’t waste the chance to do a little shopping – she could take a trip to the heart of Antarctica and still get in some shopping somehow.

This time, she bought herself a new case for her smartphone.

Don’t ask me what smartphone cases have to do with a sports and outdoors show, but there were some of them that were camoflague color and some that were blaze orange – but she didn’t buy one of those.

I probably shouldn’t say anything, since last year at the show I bought myself a new wallet.

But at least it was a leather wallet, and the leather comes from animals, and animals live in the outdoors, and … well, that’s the best connection I can make.

We did get all around the show, a good mile-plus of walking altogether – a good test for Terry’s new knee.

And we managed to stop for dinner at one of her favorite places to eat – a Mongolian grill restaurant that features createyour own bowls of stir fry.

She made it through the day, but was pretty stiff and worn out by the end of the day, which was how I won bedtime book duty with Aiden.

Terry didn’t need anybody to read a book to her – or with her – to get to sleep that night.

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