Teen vacine can protect against some forms of cancer

Sheboygan County is joining a national effort to improve rates of vaccinating teens against a virus that causes cancer.

Figures from 2013, the latest available, show that about 19 percent of Sheboygan County teens ages 13 to 17 had received the three vaccinations necessary to prevent human papillomavirus infection, which can cause cervical, anal and oral cancers. The overall 2013 Wisconsin vaccination rate was 19 percent.

The Sheboygan County Immunization Coalition was one of sixteen local coalitions to receive a grant from the Wisconsin Immunization Program and the Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (WCCCP) to promote and support HPV vaccine-related activities within their communities. Sheboygan County Immunization Coalition will be sharing the HPV is Cancer Prevention message in movie theatres, on billboards, bus signs, at health care provider presentations, and through Radio/TV public service announcements.

Dr. Noelle LoConte, associate professor of medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, says that because the HPV virus is known to cause cancer, getting the vaccine is one of the surest ways to prevent cancer.

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