Village will exercise its extraterritorial jurisdiction

by Steve Ottman Review Correspondent

HOWARDS GROVE—Village President James Scheiber discussed the village’s extraterritorial jurisdiction over a portion of the town of Herman during Tuesday’s Village Board meeting.

Scheiber received an email, asking where the village stood on the issue. Scheiber stated that the village will continue use its extraterritorial jurisdiction per the smart growth plan. The board will review every certified survey map.

The Plan Commission was asked to set up a meeting with the town of Herman.

The board voted to join the Sheboygan County Unit of Wisconsin Towns association for cost of $10 per month.

Updates to the restrooms at Memorial Park were discussed. Parks Committee Chairman Henry Verfuerth presented the preliminary sketches from the architects and outlined the Lions Club’s involvement.

The board approved a recommendation from the Finance Committee to raise the maximum benefit of short term disabilities to $700 per week for a three-year contract.

The village will forgive the late fees applied to the CSM charge for Jon Goedecke for the review of the CSM.

The Village Board meeting will be moved from Tuesday, April 7 to Monday, April 6, to accommodate the elections.

Resident David Schmid discussed a parking ticket he received for parking on a street stub. Since there was a question on how it was stated in the village ordinance, the board will give Schmid an answer at the next meeting.

Resident John Stanczyk presented information on upgrades to the Memorial Park backstop and fencing for the baseball field.

Stanczyk stated that the backstop repair is a safety issue. He felt that this had to be taken care of before the season started.

He also discussed dugout expansion and fence for spectator viewing.

Scheiber agreed that the updating is needed and referred the matter to the Parks Committee. He said Stanczyk should receive an answer at the next board meeting.

Joshua Posthuma approached the board regarding the issue of the final layer of asphalt for the Eastern Pines Subdivision at the March 3 board meeting.

Posthuma asked if the village would share the costs for the final layer. Some roads are in disrepair.

Scheiber informed Posthuma that the village doesn’t have funds appropriated for the project. Director Ryan Welsing stated that Pine Ridge needed a second layer. He added that the interior roads are in worse shape and may need to be milled and reworked.

Scheiber gave an update on the Harvest Homes, LLC litigation. The village attorney will be attend next board meeting or appear by conference call.

Scheiber attended a meeting regarding traffic patterns for the upcoming PGA event in August.

The board agreed to allow a five year-contract with Time Warner Cable to update phone and internet and remove the installation charges.

The Board of Review date for 2015 was set for May 18 from 5-7 p.m.

The board members approved a resolution opposing the county assessment proposal in the state budget bill.

Clerk/Treasurer Joanne Lesser explained that local control of the assessment would be removed, costs of assessing would rise and the Board of Review would be handled at the county level at a different location than locally.

Trustee Jeff Plass stated that county wide assessing isn’t a bad idea but it isn’t being presented in the best interest of the taxpayer.

Payment to Vinton Construction of $102,823.04 in regards to the sidewalk project on Millersville, Mill Street and Audubon Road was approved, although the payment would be withheld until lien waivers for the subcontractor have been received.

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