Sometimes healing is just a matter of having the right motivation

It’s been a while since I’ve made a report on Terry’s rehabilitation from her recent knee replacement surgery, so I guess it’s time for an update. She’s … doing fine.

Well, I guess I’d better say more if I want to fill up this space – and whether anybody wants to read about it or not.

She had her left knee replaced at the end of January – about nine weeks ago.

She threw away her walker after less than two weeks – all right, she threw it at me after one too many times not answering her request fast enough, but the point it she stopped using it.

Actually, I was about ready to hide it as it was proving too formidable a weapon for her, but she saved me that trouble.

That was when she switched to a cane – which it was easier for her to wield against me as well as providing her easier mobility.

But after a few more weeks she found she could get around without that and I was spared any further canings.

That was about the time she decided she could try driving the car again.

That had nothing to do with my reluctance to drive her on shopping trips every time she wanted to go – which is not quite all the time, but close enough.

Actually, she probably figured I wouldn’t look good in a chauffeur’s outfit – and she’s not nearly old enough to be Miss Daisy.

She handled that well also and last weekend was up to a twohour drive to an all-day Master Gardeners conference – something she knew I would be less than willing to drive her to.

She also conquered the stairs to the second floor in our house after less than a month, which meant she could return to our bedroom and our living room could stop being an extra bedroom.

It meant I had to make room for her in bed again, but that was no problem for her – she is more than adept at taking her share of the bed, usually her half plus a generous portion of my half.

It also meant that, after a brief ceasefire, the war of the blankets began anew – and I’ll leave it to you to figure out who’s the winner in that little conflict.

After the first few weeks at home, her sessions with the professional therapists at the local clinic were cut back from three to two, and she’s been completely released from therapy sessions now.

I’d like to say that it’s all because of the wonderful care and therapy she received constantly from her loving husband at home, but I can’t afford to have another pair of pants burned up.

I could claim that I gave her plenty of motivation to start fending for herself and not fear any contradiction or conflagration.

Negative therapy can sometimes be just as effective as positive therapy, after all.

She did have plenty of help from her grandsons when they visited, but that’s to be expected – they are usually the best medicine for whatever ails her.

She’s not completely recuperated yet, but the progress continues.

One of my co-workers did ask her if she was ready to start tap-dancing yet, but that probably falls in the same category as asking if she’ll be able to play the violin after her surgery.

And besides, it was her older brother who took tap dance lessons as a kid, not Terry – and he gave that up a long time before he got his knees replaced.

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