Mayor Meyer debunks myths about Municipal Building project

To the Editor:

I appreciate that we have multiple people interested in serving on the Sheboygan Falls City Council.

However, after reading the recent candidate profiles in The Sheboygan Falls News, I need to set the record straight on two myths

First, the idea that the Municipal Building project could have been built for $3 million, if we had just constructed it on a fresh site is simply not true and ridiculous.

While working with Bray Architects, several options were examined, including a number of offsite building plans. They were all more expensive then the chosen plan.

Second, I would have loved to use a local general contractor on the project.

I respect and know people well at Chappa, Quasius, and Schmitt, but as anyone who has served on the council knows, the city must follow the Wisconsin public sealed bid process.

As a part of the Wisconsin Public Bid Law, we are required to accept the lowest responsible bidder.

The low bid on the building project was submitted by SMA Construction.

Both the city and Bray performed due diligence and checked out SMA.

Even though we had never heard of them and they were out of Green Bay, there was no legal way to reject their bid.

The next lowest bid was from C.D. Smith out of Fond du Lac. I verified with the city attorney that we had to accept the lowest responsible bidder.

I did research going with a design build process instead of the sealed bid method.

However, after consulting with our city attorney, I found out that municipalities are not allowed to use the design build process.

Our attorney educated me that in Wisconsin, school districts are allowed to use design build, but municipalities are not.

I respect that there are different opinions on issues. I understand when sometimes small mistakes are made with numbers or other facts.

The $3 million building and that we could have used a local contractor, but chose not too, are not mistakes, but rather myths with no basis in fact.

Sheboygan Falls

Mayor Randy Meyer

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