Alderman files complaint over campaign statements

To the Editor:

I am filing an official Notice of Complaint against city of Sheboygan Falls Alderperson Anne Krauter with the mayor’s office for making pre-meditated, derogatory and inflammatory written comments about me in her print media effort to be re-elected.

In her zealousness, Ms. Krauter used my name and my employer in an effort to smear me and the candidate that is running against her.

Her effort to paint me in a negative light has the potential to harm my personal reputation and my ability to provide for my family.

I am not on this election ballot so there is absolutely no reason to use my name and my employer in her campaign.

Her contention that this situation is a perceived conflict of interest is absolutely baseless.

Mr. Mayer and I are very community based individuals and are active in many organizations, but none of them are the same.

And the closest office location that we have to the city of Sheboygan Falls is 15 miles away. so there is no connected conflict based on our employment.

I have given my life and countless hours of volunteerism to this community and I cannot stand by and allow her to harm my personal reputation.

Terry Van Engen

1st District alderman city of Sheboygan Falls

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