Focusing on logos: RDA to test market three choices

by Emmitt B. Feldner of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – They’ve narrowed it down to three designs, now the Redevelopment Authority wants to get another opinion on what should be the logo for the Cheese Capital of the World.

RDA member Nicole Pavlica, a marketing manager at Sargento, presented three new choices to the group Thursday for logo designs (see above). The RDA authorized her to take the designs to an outside research group for input and feedback on their effectiveness.

“I would like to recommend that you let consumers tell us what changes they think are needed,” Pavlica explained.

“We tried to find a marriage of historic and modern and (to) focus on cheese or elements of cheese,” Pavlica said of the creation of the three designs by a professional design firm.

She noted that the latest designs dropped the cow that featured in several possible logos presented to the RDA last month.

RDA members were less than receptive to those ideas, fearing that they did not focus on or suggest cheese and might be confused with logos and symbols for other products and industries.

Pavlica explained that the initial versions of the new logo designs are in black and white, with color renderings to be completed later in the process. “It is important that the logo have integrity and clarity in black and white. We can add color later.”

She noted that the designer had added the “Est. 1877” element to each of the logos based on their experience with logo designs for other communities.

The addition was well-received by the RDA members.

“I think that adds to it that we’ve been the Cheese Capital for a long time,” City Administrator Brian Yerges commented. “There’s a long history here going back to the Cheese Exchange, more than just 50 years.”

Pavlica also pointed out that Plymouth was given larger emphasis than Cheese Capital of the World in all three logos, again based on the designer’s experiences creating other logos.

“We’re very proud and happy to have the title Cheese Capital of the World, but ultimately we want to market Plymouth, we want Plymouth to stand out,” RDA member David Williams observed.

“I think all of these are moving in on our objective,” Pavlica told the RDA members.

She noted that the first logo recreates the look of a wood-burned label on a wood crate. The other two utilize an emblem of a wedge of cheese with an outline of the state of Wisconsin as a “bite” out of the cheese wedge, with a star representing the city’s location.

The RDA members did agree that the spelling of “Capitol” on the three designs should be changed to “Capital” and Pavlica said that would be done before the designs are submitted to the research group.

Downtown Manager Randy Schwoerer told the group he attended a state tourism conference last month where he shared the city’s efforts to utilize the “Cheese Capital of the World” slogan in its marketing.

“They were really interested in and excited about the Cheese Capital idea,” Schwoerer reported.

He said state tourism officials will be coming to Plymouth in the future to meet with local officials about the Cheese Capital and other tourism marketing efforts in the city.

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