Adell Village Board discusses emergency radios, tree removal

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

ADELL — The Village Board of Trustees met Wednesday night for its monthly meeting.

Resident Mark Garofalo presented the board with preliminary plans for construction of a grain storage bin. His proposed plan will be addressed formally by the plan commission April 23. Trustee Kim Peterson requested that Garofalo check on the zoning ordinance’s setback requirements for the structures.

Director of Public Works Jeff Kreutzinger told the board that Kettle Lakes Co-Op plans to construct an addition to its facilities.

To install electric lines, some trees need to be removed. The trees are on the co-op’s property, but also in the village right of way.

Kreutzinger made the point that, when trees are on the village right of way, removing them must be done with the approval of the village.

Jerry Leick, general manager at the coop, had requested that permission, offering to cover the cost of their removal. The board voted unanimously to grant permission for the tree removal.

Village residents currently have their household garbage picked up weekly. Some residents have asked for a way to dispose of larger items.

The town of Sherman was asked several months ago if village of Adell residents could dispose of larger items (furniture, etc.) at the Sherman transfer station, which is just west of Adell. The Sherman Town Board turned that request down, however, being uncertain that the fees for such items actually covered disposal expenses.

Sherman also stated, with that decision, that there were alternative means of disposing of large items.

The board discussed having a “dumpster day,” where large items would be accepted.

“My concern with this is that we’d lose money,” said Peterson.

Clerk/Treasurer Kelly Rathke said she’d contacted Mike Thun at Advanced Disposal to see what the village’s options are. She said that what items would be accepted would have to be listed in advance, that there are many things you can’t put in a dumpster.

Peterson added that Best Buy accepts electronics for free. “They usually want only one at a time,” she said.

The issue was tabled until the fee schedule, under review for the past few months, is finalized.

The board unanimously approved a resolution opposing proposed state legislation which would eliminate personal property taxes.

Village President Andrew Schmitt read the full resolution and said the loss of personal property taxes would reduce revenue for the village by more than $10,000.

Building Inspector Walter Grotelueschen said he’d had two permit requests in the first quarter of the year, both for roofs.

Kreutzinger said a recent tree removal project has been completed. Schmitt said he was impressed with the job, as the stumps were cut to ground level and covered, leaving no sign of the trees.

Emergency radios were discussed by the board. The village currently owns two of them.

To Kreutzinger’s understanding, they are in need of updating. But he’s also heard it might be more beneficial to purchase new radios, rather than update the old ones.

There are many different options for fi- nancing the radios. Schmitt said he’d heard the numbers and options, and he considered it very complicated.

Kreutzinger was asked how often the current radios are used.

But routine, planned use was not the only consideration: Schmitt said when the co-op was on fire, there was a definite need for access to communication. He said he believed the village should have continued access to at least two radios.

Kreutzinger was asked to investigate the options and costs, and to find how soon the village had to make its choice.

There will be a Plan Commission meeting Thursday, April 23, at 6:30 p.m., followed by a public hearing and then a special meeting of the Village Board.

The next regular board meeting will be Wednesday, May 13, at 7 p.m.

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