Board looks at plans for Waldo Park

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

WALDO—Michelle Brecht, Clerk / Treasurer of the Village of Waldo, conducted the swearing-in of two re-elected village officers at the village’s meeting Monday night.

Trustee Scott Wolfert and President Dan Schneider were sworn in. Trustee Michele Preder, who could not attend the night’s meeting, had been sworn in by the clerk previously.

Jason Parrish and Lori Murray, of the Waldo Recreation Committee, presented a plan for a proposed disc golf course at Waldo Village Park. The plan calls for 46 trees of various kinds to be planted, at a cost of a little over $2000.

The Waldo resident who proposed the course to the Rec Committee is a disc golf enthusiast who has volunteered to support the project in several ways, including offering to help plant the trees.

Brecht said a resident had expressed concern that the course would intrude on the current baseball field. Parrish said there would still be more than enough room for the field.

The board responded favorably to the proposed course, but Schneider suggested that a few things be considered. There is currently basketball, volleyball, and baseball at the park. All items for those activities, he said, are in disrepair.

With the right upgrades, Schneider said, those three activities could cater to many of the youth in the community. He wondered if the disc golf would cater to youth in the village, or to people from outside the village.

Schneider expressed concern over upkeep of the park, whether for its current activities or for disc golf.

The Rec Committee’s efforts are limited to what Parrish and Murray can accomplish. “How do you get more involvement from more people?” Schneider asked.

He wondered if it were possible to involve par- ents whose kids are already playing these sports. That parental involvement, he said, was the only way he thought the Rec Committee would have an opportunity to grow and expand its options.

Parrish said it does seem more difficult to get volunteers than it was years ago.

Murray thought the disc golf course would offer teenage kids an opportunity for activity they otherwise don’t have. She has received a lot of enthusiastic comments about the proposed course from that age group.

Parrish said the existing facilities at the park were scheduled for repair. He admitted it would be desirable to have more people helping out with Rec Committee functions. “We’ve tried a lot of things,” he said, to get more involvement.

Trustee Mike Hintz said he’d like to get feedback from residents about the proposed disc golf course and about the park in general. How to get that input was discussed at length.

Anyone with ideas for the park is encouraged to contact the village office at (920) 528-8121.

It was decided to stake out the proposed disc golf course in the next week. After that, residents would be invited to come to the park one evening, and talk with village board members.

A date was not chosen, but Murray said people could watch Waldo’s Facebook page for an announcement. (To find the Facebook page, search for “Little Town in the middle of nowhere aka Waldo Wisconsin.”)

The board unanimously approved:

• A temporary liquor license for the Waldo Lions Club pork chop dinner, which will take place April 25 and 26.

• Rental of the village facilities to three requestors.

Police report: In Waldo the past month, there were no citations, arrests or traffic accidents; 3 warnings; 8 property checks; 4 complaints investigated (winter parking, fraud, noise complaint and warrant check).

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