Exchange students share their impressions with School Board

by Dave Cary Review Correspondent

PLYMOUTH — Reliably interesting are comments made by foreign exchange students to the School Board when the annual AFS report rolls around.

One board member asked the students - who hailed from Russia,Turkey, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Lebanon - to name something they would take back home when they return.

One girl said she had become so close to her host family that she didn’t know how she would be able to leave at the end of the year. “It is hard,” she said. Another girl said her hosts had become “a second family.”

A third girl said she liked the relationships that developed between students and teachers, saying it was quite formal where she came from.

Another - echoed by several - said the school spirit was wonderful, having sporting events and other school activities that bring students together.

Asked to name their favorite American food, one student said Pop- Tarts in the morning but above all, Chester’s. “Especially Chester’s. You can’t go wrong with Chester’s.”

Other favorites mentioned included cheese, root beer, maple syrup, ice cream and, of course peanut butter.

• • •

Giving the usual plug for Community Ed, board liaison member Richard York said the new course listings for summer included Ropes, Biking, Kayaking and, of course several pool-related offerings, one of which especially caught his eye.

“One listing was ‘water walking’ and, of course, being a minister...”

In his non-school board life York is a pastor of Christian Life Assembly of God Church.

Board member and liaison to the Foundation Bob Travis said that, of course the Foundation didn’t walk on water either, but had broken ground for the new food sciences cencer recently and set its grand opening for August, as week as finalized plans to award 28 scholarships to graduating seniors soon.

Board member and liaison to the Family Resource Center Pam Holzhaeuser presented a short video on the importance there is for foreign people to learn English, the teaching of which is a FRC activity. She said tuturs are always needed and that anyone interested should contact the FRC.

• • •

In other matters, the board voted to increase fees for school lunches by ten cents each. The move was made to keep Plymouth in line with federal regulations and thus qualify for the federal school lunch program

The board also voted to discontinue course fees for summer school classes. This move - which has been made by numerous schools in the state - was done because the rules on how the fees can be spent are too restrictive.

The board agreed to hold the June and July board meetings at 5 p.m. instead of 7 p.m.

The board approved the annual field trip in June to Washington D.C. The outline presented conformed to district policy and the costs are borne by families of students taking the trip.

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