Adell Village Board approves grain bin plans — partly

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

ADELL—A plan commission meeting, a public hearing, and a special meeting of the village of Adell board accomplished only part of what at least one person there had hoped would be settled Thursday.

Mark Garofalo, of Great Lakes Agri- Service, Inc., had filed an application for a conditional use permit with the village. He wants to construct a grain storage facility near the Adell Co-op.

Garofalo had presented preliminary plans to the board at its April 8 meeting. Questions were asked and comments made, but no decisions could be made until his application went through the standard three-step process.

At the plan commission meeting, two items came up that convinced the commission that it could not approve the application as submitted.

First, Garofalo would be required to pave a driveway leading to the bins, to reduce dust. But first, it must be determined if paving it would affect wetlands. The village’s engineers will investigate.

When it was discovered that the drying unit that is part of Garofalo’s plans was not specified on the application, and that it was not listed in the published notification of the public hearing, commission members agreed that the permit could not be approved as the application was written. Either that, or Garofalo would have to file a separate application for the dryer.

Village President Andy Schmitt admitted the village had missed the drying system’s absence on the application. He and other commission members at first thought it best to wait until a new, complete application could be submitted, and it could be determined that wetlands would not be affected by paving the driveway.

But Garofalo asked the commission if it would approve the existing application, because he was eager to start the project. After a thorough discussion, the commission unanimously recommended this request to the board.

The plan commission meeting was adjourned, and the public hearing convened.

Jerry Leick of the Adell Co-op expressed concern whether We Energies has the infrastructure in place to supply adequate natural gas to both the co-op and to Garofalo’s proposed drying system. But that was not something the village could address.

No other concerns were expressed. The public hearing was closed, and the special meeting of the Board of Trustees was convened.

The board unanimously approved the application for the grain bin, per the plan commission’s recommendation. Garofalo will submit another application for the overlooked items. The timing of the required publications for the additional public hearing make it necessary for the board to hold a plan commission meeting, public hearing, and regular meeting on Thursday, May 14, a day after the board would normally have met. The plan commission meeting will start at 6:30 p.m.

The board addressed other village business that night.

The board decided to purchase two new emergency radios.

The village will rent a dumpster to which residents can bring large household items. This will be available on Saturday, June 13, 8 to 11 a.m. Residents will be charged $10 per vehicle load. A list of acceptable items, and other details, will appear in the next village newsletter.

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