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Jennifer Robers Miller M.S. LPC is a child and family therapist at Northshore Clinic who has dedicated her practice to working with small children and their families. Seeing a need to help parents educate their children about strangers in an ever-changing and sometimes frightening world, she has teamed up with her Wisconsite illustrator, T.C. De Witt, to create a book to do just that. Ruby and Mark’s Stranger Safety Rules is a companion book to their first children’s book: Ruby and Mark’s Safe Touching Rules, and uses familiar language and an easy to understand style to help teach even the youngest children about safety. “We can’t always be with our children, and they need to know what is acceptable behavior and what can be dangerous, so they know how to respond when confronted with these situations. Emphasis on keeping safe, and TELLING when these situations present themselves is key to helping children and families.

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