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RDA picks design for Cheese Capitol logo
by Emmitt B. Feldner of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – It was a clear-cut winner.

Nicole Pavlica presented the results of test-marketing surveys for three proposed “Cheese Capitol of the World” logos to the Redevelopment Authority Thursday.

“There was a very strong preference for logo B,” Pavlica reported. That was a circular design with notched edges and a cheese wedge with an outline of the state of Wisconsin and a star representing Plymouth (see accompanying picture).

She explained that the three suggested logos were put into research via Survey Monkey over a several week period. The response to all three was positive, Pavlica said, but logo B was the overwhelming favorite.

Pavlica said those surveyed were males and females from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois between the ages of 25 and 77, with a minimum of a high school education and income of $50,000-plus.

“Our responses represented multiple demographics, but the majority were in that sweet spots of the group we would like to have come visit Plymouth,” Pavlica elaborated.

“All the logos communicated what we wanted them to. There were no comments for changes or improvements from the respondents,” Pavlica continued.

The logos were all presented in black and white, Pavlica said.

The next step will be to determine a color for color renditions of the logo. Pavlica said the designer was considering something in the yellow to orange range as a cheese color.

She noted that many respondents felt the logo represented a seal of approval.

“As you read the rationale, it’s so obvious, but I never thought about it being a seal of approval,” Downtown Manager Randy Schwoerer commented. “We couldn’t have asked for better comments. I’m blown away.”

RDA Chair Lee Gentine pointed out that a ‘TM’ trademark signifier should be added to the logo, which the city intends to register with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The city has already registered the “Cheese Capital of the World” slogan with the state.

City Administrator Brian Yerges said the logo would be included with the slogan for joint trademarking with the federal agency.

Even though the RDA will see the logo colorized at their next meeting, Schwoerer pointed out that “it’s so awesome that it looks this great in black and white.”

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