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It’s a capital idea, just remember to give it an “A”

A story in the Tuesday, May 12 Review and an editorial in the Thursday, May 14 Review concerning the logo design approved by the Redevelopment Authority used as an illustration an earlier version of the logo in which “Cheese Capital of the World” was misspelled with an O instead of an A in Capital.

Unfortunately, the misspelling was inadvertently carried over into the text of the story and the editorial; the writer and editors should have known better but all somehow missed it.

The updated logo, with the correct spelling, will be used by The Review from here on out, and all of us will remember that calling Plymouth “The Cheese Capital of the World” is a grade A idea (that’s Capital with an “A”) and that all that great cheese that comes from Plymouth is made with nothing but grade “A” milk.

And as that famous fictional Wisconsinite, Fonzie, would say, “Aaaaay, we made a mistake!”

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