Saying ‘so long' to ‘Sally’

by Jeff Pederson Sheboygan Falls News Editor

KATHY ROEHRIG served as the advertising production coordinator for The Sheboygan Falls News for eight years, from May 21, 2007 through May 27, 2015. Her various duties have included advertising layout, sales and design. - Falls News photo by Jeff Pederson KATHY ROEHRIG served as the advertising production coordinator for The Sheboygan Falls News for eight years, from May 21, 2007 through May 27, 2015. Her various duties have included advertising layout, sales and design. - Falls News photo by Jeff Pederson She came through the doors of the Sheboygan Falls News and Plymouth Review office on May 21, 2007 as an outgoing, yet nervous, fresh-out-of-college graphic designer hoping to make her mark in her chosen field.

Eight years later, Kathy Roehrig is ready to move on to new challenges, recently accepting a new position in the sales field in her hometown of Fond du Lac.

Sounds like a simple, somewhat run-of-the-mill professional profile, doesn’t it?

However, those that know her are well aware that Kathy is far from run-of-the-mill.

Although she came to our office looking to design ads for our four publications (Sheboygan Falls News, Plymouth Review, Beacon and Xtra) at the time, she actually found herself doing more advertising production type of work, which involved arranging and laying out the ads in each of the aforementioned papers.

Describing Kathy as detail-oriented is quite an understatement.

Perfectionist was a word that has been repeated by a few of our editors and graphic designers over the years, sometimes even with a choice, colorful lead-in word added, to describe Kathy’s quest for everything to be just right.

Although sometimes her unending strive for perfection could be a source of frustration and perplextion, her hard work and dedication to her job clearly made our papers better and served as an inspiration to every member of our staff, including this editor.

Each week Kathy carefully placed the ads in The Sheboygan Falls News with a headstrong determination to please each of our valued advertisers.

She always paid close attention to requested special ad placement in The Falls News and tried to balance those requests with, in my opinion, the equally important requests for more space for stories and photos, which came from this somewhat impatient Falls News editor.

The back-and-forth, push-andpull banter Kathy and I often engaged in over space in The Falls News was known to provide a bit of entertainment for those within earshot.

“You kids really need to knock it off now,” was a sentence that was uttered on more than a few occasions.

She eagerly volunteered for countless jobs around the office in nearly every one of our departments – display and classified advertising, editorial, circulation and the all-important miscellaneous department, which included helping editors with InDesign and Photoshop questions, assisting with graphic design when needed, filling in when a front office receptionist was at lunch or on break and, yes, even sweeping the floors.

You name it, Kathy did it - well.

Aside from her remarkable work ethic, Kathy possessed an inate ability to talk to any person, at any time, anywhere.

Talking is her specialty and it was entertaining watching her juggle her work cell phone, office phone and personal cell phone, which sometimes rang at the same time.

And yes, she did at times answer each of them all at the same time, and amazingly, succeeded.

Over time her main duties changed to focus more on advertising sales, which she took on with great vigor.

Her high-powered personality really shined when working with advertisers. Sales quickly became her thing, and it’s no suprise that she plans to pursue the art of sales in her next position.

Around the office, Kathy provided a tireless spark, never failing to raise our spirits and draw even the quietest of people on our staff to string together a few profound and/or amusing sentences from time to time.

Although she wasn’t from Sheboygan County and admitted she knew little about the area when she was hired, Kathy learned quickly.

She seemingly now knows the ins and outs of the county better than some life-long residents.

So, after mastering the details of the Sheboygan County area with her noted perfectionism, Kathy is ready to return home.

And last, but certainly not least, she inexplicably had an attraction to calling everyone by the name, “Sally.”

Whether it was man, women, child, cat or dog, to Kathy, their name was “Sally.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also enjoyed being called “Sally.”

You can imagine some of the conversations around the office, when everyone is calling each other by the same name, at the same time!

So, today, Wednesday, May 27, 2015, is her final day with us.

Judging by the parting sentiments expressed by her past and present co-workers and advertising customers, it is clear that Kathy has made quite an impact.

With fond memories on my mind and a bittwersweet smile on my face, I say, “So long ‘Sally.’”

The Falls News will never look quite the same without you.

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