SFES, YMCA look forward to child care partnership

Finding a safe place for children before and after school can sometimes be challenging to working parents.

The Sheboygan Falls School District Board of Education has agreed to rent an available classroom to a licensed child care provider so that parents have the peace of mind knowing that their children will have safe child care close to school.

In fact, the childcare will operate inside the school building before and after school, all throughout the school year beginning next school year.

“We consistently hear that the current childcare providers in our area are at maximum capacity,” said Sheboygan Falls School District Administrator Jean Born. “The district conducted a recent survey that confirmed the parents’ need for childcare options. This is a win-win decision.

“Parents will have a child care option close to school, and the district will earn revenue from renting the space,” she said. “We want a partnership too, so that the children will have an enjoyable experience compatible with the elementary school’s expectations.”

Elementary Principal Lynn Bub shared that she investigated how to bring a partner into the school to provide private or non-profit quality child care for students.

“The survey data was exactly what I was sensing from the phone calls and interest from parents,” Bub said. “They are looking for a safe place for their school-aged children both during the day and after school.

”This childcare arrangement would not be subsidized by the district, but rather offer a location for the service and we have one classroom that could be designated for that purpose,” she said.

The Board of Education received two applications for licensed child care providers to rent the available space.

“We wanted assurance from both organizations that applied for the space that they would commit to a high quality experience for the children and their families,” Born said. “Both organizations expressed a sincere interest in this type of partnership and both presented as a good option for families.

“The Board of Education selected the Sheboygan Falls YMCA as the provider because of the ongoing successful partnership with the current 4K program at the YMCA and a desire to work with a community partner,” she said.

“Child care will be a great option for our 4K parents, as well as other parents who need a space for their children after school,” Bub said. “It just makes sense to cut down one additional transport in our students day and provide a stress-free option for parents.”

,Sheboygan Falls YMCA Executive Director Mike Gustafson is also looking forward to the partnership.

“The Falls YMCA is looking forward to our continuing partnership with the Sheboygan Falls School District in the ongoing efforts to strengthen our children and community of Sheboygan Falls,” Gustafson said. “Child care is a major emphasis for the YMCA, as every child in the program is someone's prized possession and with our expertise in youth development, we treat each child as a prized possession.”

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