Court Report

The folowing persons either stipulated to the indicated charge or hadtheir cases heard in Sheboygan County Circuit Court. All information is taken from case documents.

Cannaday, Ronald L., 10/31/1992, Milwaukee, Possession of Marijuana, $330.50.

Mueller, Jonathon Michael, II, 8/15/1997, Sheboygan, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, $200.50.

Ramirez, Kevin, 5/3/1995, Sheboygan, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, $590.00.

Rossey, Dean D., 11/1957, Menomonee Falls, Disorderly Conduct, $150.10.

Villada, Aidaliz, 3/6/1984, Disorderly Conduct, $236.00


Artz, Jacob O., 2/1988, Kiel, Improper Signal for Stop/Turn, Failure of Operator to Notify Police of Accident, Operate w/o valid license b/c expiration, $1316.70.

Aussem, Ashley L., 2/17/1986, Operating while Suspended, Vehicle Operator Fail/Wear Seat Belt, $210.50

Berndt, Jesse C., 9/3/1992, St. Nazianz, Operate without Carrying License, $217.10

Braccili, Greg John, 10/1976, Havertown, PA, Speeding in 55 mph, $150.10.

Breitzman, Logan Darryl, 10/19/1994, Plymouth, Speeding in 55 mph, $200.50

Colby, Richard L., 4/11/1984, Vehicle Passenger Fail to Wear Seat Belt, $10.00

Daczyk, Melissa Lynn, 6/1993, Menomonee Falls, Speeding in 55 mph, $250.90.

Desmidt, Jacob M., 2/15/1982, Plymouth, Operating while suspended, $200.50.

Douangmala, Bounhieng, 3/1975, Appleton, Operating Vehicle w/o proof of insurance, $10.00.

Dwyer, Katherine V., 8/7/1984, Cascade, Failure to Keep Vehicle under control, Failure of operator to notify police of Accident, $602.60.

Fair, Dylan Taylor, 10/12/1994, Waldo, Operate without a valid License, $200.50.

Fehlhaber, Kurt T., 10/1986, Sheboy- gan, Speeding in a 55 mph, $175.30.

Ford, Stephen J., 2/27/1961, Arlington Heights, IL, Speeding in a 55 mph. $200.50.

Franzke, Emily Nicole, 2/1996, Saukville, Speeding on Freeway, $211.00.

Futch, Shakota Catheline, 7/1/1989, Cedar Grove, Operating motor vehicle without insurance, Operating while suspended, $401.00

Gauerke, Shaileigh Elizabeth Rose, 1/26/1996, Cascade, Unreasonable and Imprudent speed, $213.50.

Gettendorf, Kirsten E., 10/26/1991, Weyauwega, Speeding on Freeway, $250.90.

Golke, Christopher E., 4/10/1962, Random Lake, Fail/Maintain Vehicle Speedometer, $175.30.

Gurney, Brian J., 7/15/1984, Sheboygan Falls, Operating while revoked, 5 days jail, $455.00

Hardin, Benjamin C., 1/19/1987, Sheboygan, Operating while suspended, $200.50.

Hassel, Jermal A., 8/1990, Manitowoc, Speeding on Freeway, Operate motor vehicle w/o insurance, Operate while suspended, $702.30.

Henschel, Joshua Peter, 9/15/1993, Cleveland, Vehicle Passenger Failure to Wear Seat Belt, $10.00

Hocking, Sarah J., 7/7/1982, Sheboygan, Operating while revoked, $654.00.

Hooper, Alvin R. Jr., 9/1982, Milwaukee, Speeding in 55 mph, $250.90.

Johnson, Kristi L., 4/27/1983, Sheboygan, Operate vehicle without proof of insurance, Operating while suspended, $210.50.

Johnson, Robin Nicole Joo Hee, 8/1990, Sheboygan Falls, Speeding in 55 mph, $150.10.

Kampman, Dana P., 2/1/1980, Kohler, Fail/Stop for Unloading School Bus, $326.50.

Koepke, Ariel Louise, 12/2/1991, Sheboygan, Speeding on Freeway, $250.90.

Kreis, Michael J., 8/1/1986, Adell, Speeding 55 mph Zone, $200.50.

Kruschke, Crystal Hope, 1/16/1989, Sheboygan Falls, Operate after Rev/Suspension of Registration, Operating while suspended, $375.80.

Kue, Lilly, 10/2/1998, Sheboygan, Vehicle Passenger Failure to Wear Seat Belt, $10.00.

Kue, Phoua, 9/26/1996, Sheboygan, Vehicle Operator Failure to Wear Seat Belt, $10.00.

Lee, Jack, 5/24/1980, Sheboygan, Operating while Suspended, Operate vehicle without insurance, Operating after rev/suspension of Registration, $576.30.

Levy, Hannah Sara, 11/9/1995, Milwaukee, Speeding in 55 mph, $225.70.

Little, James, 11/5/1979, Sheboygan, Vehicle Passenger Failure to Wear Seat Belt, $10.00.

Lunowa, Mark Matthew, 2/3/1994, Sussex, Operating while suspended, $200.50.

Mabrey, Megan H., 10/12/1989, Sheboygan, Operating while Suspended, Inattentive Driving, Operating Vehicle without Insurance, $588.90.

Merrell, Samantha A., 9/4/1990, New Holstein, Operate Vehicle without proof of insurance, $10.00.

Meyer, Megan, 12/14/1993, Plymouth, Operate while suspended, $200.50.

Murphy, Margaret Daniella, 3/1996, Sheboygan, Improper Signal for Stop/ Turn, $200.50.

Nev, Gail D., 5/4/1957, North Prairie, Failure/Display Vehicle License Plates, $150.10.

Norlander, Levi Adam, 3/1995, Sheboygan, OWI (1st), Hit and Run-Unattended Vehicle, $1288.50.

Olivares, Beau Buck, 4/1982, Sheboygan, Speeding on Freeway,$200.50.

Pankratz, Seth James, 11/12/1997, Valders, Operating While Suspended, $200.50.

Panzer, Steven Ray, 12/11/1995, Sheboygan, Operating While Suspended, $200.50.

Pierce, Jay Justin, 3/1995, Plymouth, Speeding in 55 mph, $150.10.

Reyes-Delgado, Jose Juan, 4/5/1983, Random Lake, Operate without a Valid License, Fail/Obey Traffic Officer/Hwy, $413.60.

Riggins, Dominique Deshaun, 11/21/1987, Sheboygan, Speeding in 55 mph, $225.70.

Rodgers, Jennifer E., 10/4/1976, Port Washington, Speeding in 55 mph, $175.30.

Rodriguez, Jennifer Nicole, 3/15/1989, Kiel, Speeding in 55 mph, $175.30.

Rose, Fred M. Jr., 8/1977, Oostburg, Exceeding Speed Zones, $150.10.

Rose, Tyler Alan, 10/1996, Cleveland, Speeding in 55 mph, $150.10.

Ross, Michael Patrick, 1/3/1985, Sheboygan, Operating while suspended, $200.50.

Schicker, Tory Lynn, 9/1992, Cascade,

Operating vehicle w/o proof of insurance, $210.50.

Schmitz, Theresa Marie, 3/30/1964, Kohler, Operating vehicle w/o proof of insurance, $10.00.

Schnelle, Steven J., 7/12/1981, Howards Grove, Vehicle Operator Fail/Wear Seat Belt, Fail/Stop at Stop Sign, $185.30.

Selig, Laura Bernadette, 3/13/1991, Milwaukee, Speeding in 55 mph zone, $200.50.

Sernaramirez, Angel Dejesus, 7/29/1985, Milwaukee, Operate w/o valid license, $200.50.

Silva-Avila, Braulio, 3/26/1973, Sheboygan, Operate without a valid license, (3rd w/in 3 years), $455.00.

Slaughter, Reginald O., 6/1974, Milwaukee, Speeding on Freeway, $527.00.

Smith, Halei E., 7/23/1984, Sheboygan, Operating while Revoked, $698.00

Torres, Annette M., 6/18/1998, Sheboygan, Operator violate Red Traffic Light, $175.30.

Vang, Alana Chia, 6/13/1974, Sheboygan, Fail/Yield Right/way from Stop Sign, $175.30.

Vang, Kong Meng, 5/20/1967, Sheboygan, Speeding in 55 mph, $200.50.

Vargas, Rachel Adriana, 10/7/1993, Plymouth, Speeding on Freeway, $200.50.

Warner, Joel S. 8/31/1970, Sheboygan, Operating while Suspended, $200.50

Weberg, Tamara K., 5/14/1966, Appleton, Vehicle Operator Fail/Wear Seat Belt, $10.00.

Williams, Brittany, 11/18/1987, East Chicago, IN, Resisting/Obstructing an officer, Operate w/o Valid License, $590.00.

Winter, Jeremy E., 10/11/1981, Sheboygan, Fail/Equip Required Bumper, Vehicle Operator Failure to Wear Seat Belt, $185.30.

Winninger, Nicolas Alexander, 5/1990, Milwaukee, Speedometer Violations, $200.50.

Yang, Timothy P., 11/18/1979, Sheboygan Falls, Unreasonable & Imprudent Speed, $213.10.

Yurk-Powers, Holly, 9/10/1965, Waldo, Vehicle Operator Fail/Wear Seat Belt, $10.00.


Wagner, Taylor M., 12/24/1994, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct, 30 days jail, $555.00.

Reynolds, Harley G. Jr., 1/30/1967, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct, $691.00

Casper, Brandon M., 3/16/1993, Plymouth, Disorderly Conduct, 23 days jail, $288.00.

Des Jardins, Jason E., Operate with Restricted Controlled Substance, 90 days jail, 24 months license revocation and ignition interlock, $2,456.00

Rietbrock, Jeremy A., 6/2/1992, Howards Grove, Disorderly Conduct, $528.00

Musar, Hunter C., 2/22/1988, Sheboygan Falls, Disorderly Conduct, $217.10.

Killebrew, Alexander, 2/8/1992, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct, Retail Theft, Bail Jumping, $1543.00.

Schmidt, Shannon Lee B., 10/23/1982, Manitowoc, Retail Theft, $465.00.

Halleck, Destiny D., 8/12/1985, Fountain, CO, Retail Theft, Intent. Contribute/ Delinquency Child, 10 days jail, $708.00.

Nelson, Roger W., 7/28/1982, Franklin, Theft-Moveable Property, Disorderly Conduct, 5 months jail, $3,162.46.

Grim, Garrett R., 1/18/1998, Plymouth, Possession of THC, $455.00

Lueck, Todd T., 3/21/1962, Adell, OWI (3rd), 85 days jail,

30 months license revocation, 30 months Ignition Interlock, $3,249.40.

Marten, Eric R., 12/12/1989, Sheboygan, Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, 15 days jail, $455.00.

Simplot, Jamin J., 10/19/1984,Sheboygan, Retail Theft-Intentionally Conceal, Bail Jumping, Theft-Moveable Property, 150 days jail, $1,210.85.


Klitzka, Grant M., 1/13/1984, Sheboygan, Armed Robbery, 4 years state prison, 6 years extended supervision, $785.85.

Imme, Jay S., 7/1/1977, Sheboygan, Robbery with Threat of Force,

Puls, Ryan J., 7/27/1984, Sheboygan, Theft-Moveable Property>$ 5,000-$10,000, 120 days jail, 40 hours community service, $306.40.

Warner, Aaron M., 4/21/1988, Sheboygan, Possession of Narcotic Drugs, Possession of Cocaine, Possession with Intent-Schedule IV Drugs, 2 years state prison, 2 years extended supervision, $1,887.70.

Canon, III, James E.,12/6/1986, Sheboygan, Possession of THC, $530.00.

Savanh, Amone B.,6/19/1984, Sheboygan, Manufacture/Deliver Amphetamine, Bail Jumping, Possession with Intent, Maintain a Drug Trafficking Place, 2 years state prison, 2 years extended supervision, $830.80.

Mendez, Cristan K., 6/1/1993, Sheboygan, Possession of THC (2nd offense), $530.00.

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