No dog ordinance in Waldo - for now

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

WALDO—Problems with dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs on village property has been discussed at the past few Village Board meetings. The subject came up again at Monday’s board meeting.

“The park is substantially better than what it was, and the Memorial Hall is also better,” said Village President Dan Schneider. This conclusion, he said, was based on a conversation he’d had with Utility Operations Specialist Dale Schilder.

Schneider said public discussion might be making residents aware that this issue is drawing the attention and concern of the board.

He also talked with Capt. Cory Roessler of the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department. “I’m not sure what his actions will be,” Schneider said.

Trustee Michelle Preder asked if putting up signs would prevent the problem from getting worse again. Schneider said he didn’t know if signs would do much, but “I’m not committed one way or the other, to be honest with you.”

“I think signs would be a good, proactive approach,” Preder said. She thought it would be best to put signs up while there was a public discussion about it. Trustee Mike Hintz was doubtful whether people would obey signs, unless they listed a financial penalty.

Schneider said if the village adopted an ordinance addressing dog waste, and put a fine on not cleaning it up, “Are we willing to hand out the fine when it happens? Unless we’re willing to do that, I don’t see a point in putting up a sign.”

Hintz made a motion to table the subject, since the situation seems to have improved. The board voted to do that, with the exception of Preder.

Other town business

Schneider gave a brief update on the lawnmower purchase. The board had approved Schneider negotiating to trade in the village’s two aging lawn tractors for a newer one.

“We traded in the ‘tank’ and the Steiner, and we stayed under the $1,500 limit,” said Schneider. The newer tractor is a Ferris mower with a 61-inch deck.

Schneider said Schilder had been using the Ferris in the past couple of weeks. “I don’t know the actual numbers of what it takes to cut everything now,” said Schneider. “But he did say he was now able to cut the park in two hours. That will save a substantial amount of time. I think it will work out well for us.”

Schneider reported that several repairs to the road to the Mill Pond have been made as planned. There is still some work to be done.

The board went into a brief closed session to discuss a legal matter related to the village’s agreement with the developers of Hunters Grove. It was announced that the session was for discussion only, that no action would be taken based on it.

Police report: In Waldo the past month, there was one citation (not wearing a seatbelt, $10); 7 property checks; 6 warnings; 3 complaints investigated (chickens killed by dogs, the dogs being located and taken to the Humane Society; check cashing scam; driving an unlicensed vehicle).

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