Sherman board approves pair of rezonings

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

SHERMAN—Business for the Sherman Board of Supervisors began the night of June 2 with a public hearing. There were two requests for land division or rezoning.

The first was a request to rezone three acres of land on County I, south of State 144, from R-2 (Single-Family Residence District) to A-3 (Agricultural Land Transition District). Ed Ritger was present, and said that he had recently purchased that land.

The land had been mistakenly zoned residential many years ago, but its owners had assumed it to be classified agricultural, as there have been animals and ag buildings on it for years.

The request created no discussion. Supervisor Patricia Horne pointed out to Clerk/ Treasurer Rhonda Klatt that a term on the application was technically incorrect, but correcting it would not change the request, or prevent a decision on it.

The second request came from Kris Klein, who asked that a 41.45-acre, A-1 (Agricul- tural Land Preservation District) parcel be divided into three parcels: a 3-acre A-2 (Agricultural Land Preservation District, Small- Scale) parcel, which includes all existing buildings; an 18.45-acre A1-PR (Agricultural Parcel Remnants District, on which no home can be built) parcel; and the remaining 20 acres would stay zoned as A-1.

There was no discussion for the request. Horne pointed out the same technical error on Klein’s application.

The plan commission had reviewed each of these requests, and had recommended to the board that they be approved.

The public hearing was closed, and the board’s monthly meeting convened. During that meeting, both requests were approved unanimously (with Supervisor Kris Klein abstaining on the vote on his property).

Other town business

Sheboygan County Transportation Director Greg Schnell had sent a letter to the town, asking if the town would like to apply for the 2015-2020 Local Bridge Program. Chairman William Goehring explained that funds from this program would be used to upgrade the two bridges on Creek Road. The letter stated, in part, “If accepted into the program you could be looking at construction in 2018 or 2019.”

The letter went on to state that, if Sherman’s application were accepted, 80 percent of the bridge upgrade costs would be covered by state funds (which include federal transportation funds allocated to the state); 10 percent by county funds; the remaining 10 percent would be paid by Sherman.

The board voted unanimously to apply for the 2015-2020 Local Bridge Program.

The board approved a LOSA policy for payment to the Silver Creek Fire Department. The new policy allows funds budgeted for the LOSA program to be carried forward one year if the total budgeted is not spent in the first year. As an SCFD member, Supervisor James Fahney abstained from voting.

Goehring recommended that two people be appointed to terms on the Board of Appeals: Laurie Bremer, currently on that board, to become its chair for a 1-year term; Judy Longrie, to become a member of that board for a 1-year term. This was approved unanimously.

Building permits issued in May: Dan Bichler, new home, HVAC; Oscar Steinbauer, warehouse; Bob Drenski, shed; Ken Wilkens, HVAC; Rich Horn, electrical.

Liquor and/or operator license applications approved: Robert G. Summers for Route 57; Anthony J. Hurley, Todd A. Stange, and Valerie Stange for the Silver Creek Volunteer Fire Department; Terrence J. Keller for the Silver Creek Pub; Jeffrey Kreutzinger. Operator licenses were approved for Sherri L. Uelmen, Zachary James Rohr, Hari Adhakari, and Joseph Rogne for MSM Chahal, LLC; the liquor and cigarette licenses for MSM Chahal were approved, conditional on payment of personal property taxes.

The Sherman transfer station will be closed on Saturday, July 4. It will be open other Saturdays during the summer unless other notification is given.

The town office will be closed the week of June 22 to 26.

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