County Board approves new pay scales with range-buster compromise plan

by Emmitt B. Feldner of The Review staff

SHEBOYGAN – The county has new pay scales for non-union employees.

The plan won approval from the County Board Tuesday after a compromise brokered by supervisors Charles Conrardy and Richard Bemis to deal with employees above the top of their pay scales.

While those 63 employees will be redlined, with no pay increases until their current salary falls below the maximum, they willbeeligiblefora1percentbonusiftheir performance evaluation is high enough.

That amount would not be included in their salary.

“Basically, we’ve changed the playing field for the people we hired (who) we had a hand shake deal with,” Bemis said in explaining the compromise.

Without the compromise, Conrardy had noted earlier, some employees could be looking at going as long as six to seven years without a pay raise or additional compensation.

In a memo to the board on the proposal, County Administrator Adam Payne noted that the compromise plan is “similar to what many companies in the private sector do in these situations. It is very important that we are able to attract and retain good employees. (This) helps position us for success.”

Supervisor Fay Uraynar questioned what impact the plan would have on the upcoming county budget. “We have a budget shortfall of I believe $1 million the last time we talked about the 2016 budget. Is this going to add to that and result in a higher cost to the taxpayers?”

“Every year we go into the budget process with a gap of a million, two million or more,” Payne responded. He added that the expected fiscal impact of the Conrardy-Bemis plan is expected to be $36,259 in 2016. “I believe that’s very manageable. I don’t see this amendment changing our (budget) goal or target going forward.”

“I’m not in favor of amending, but in the spirit of compromise and the need to move forward, it is in the best interests of the county, I believe, to approve this amendment,” Supervisor Fran Damp commented.

The amendment passed by a vote of 21- 3, with Uraynar, Greg Weggeman and William Goehring voting no and Kris Wheeler absent. The amended ordinance then passed by a vote of 23-1, with Supervisor James Glavan voting no.

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