In Mike Cvetan’s legacy

by Sue Mroz of The Review staff

Scott Degaro, a plumber on staff at Mike Cvetan Plumbing Inc., 2119 Sauk Trail Road, Sheboygan, held a deep admiration for his boss – Mike Cvetan.

A co-founder of the company with his wife Kelly Cvetan in 1994, Mike passed away Jan. 8.

“Mike was more than a boss. He was a mentor, a father, a brother and a good leader,” Scott said.

“I’ve never met a guy with a bigger heart. He was willing to work with people, even when they were down and out.”

A plumber for 20 years, Scott has worked for Mike Cvetan Plumbing for nearly nine years. “I wouldn’t switch my company for the world,” Scott said.

Mike’s wife feels likewise about her five employees, whom she considers her extended family. In addition to Scott, Mike Cvetan Plumbing, whose motto is “Quality Work at Reasonable Rates,” has two more plumbers – Jim Diedrich and Paul Marco. Liz Visser is the accountant, and Gretchen Free, the office secretary.

So, despite the fact Kelly has a full-time position as the Sheboygan Area School District’s coordinator of human resources, she decided to keep the company going. She frequently spends her early mornings before work and evenings after work at her plumbing business.

“I am not a silent partner. I am hands-on,” she said. “I want the employees to know I appreciate their loyalty and dedication.

“My head and heart are in Mike Cvetan Plumbing,” she added. “I want to keep Mike’s legacy going. Mike was a good man. I want to continue the company to continue giving the same quality and commitment he has the last 16 years.”

Kelly has two more reasons for wanting to keep Mike Cvetan Plumbing a vibrant business, one of these, her grandson Chase Paral, 2.

“I would love to have Chase run the business someday,” she said. “Mike cherished every moment he spent with Chase.”

She explained her third reason for keeping the business operating.

“The employees had a commitment to Mike,” Kelly said. “I am giving that commitment back to them for Mike’s legacy and for our family.

“I’m fortunate to have such quality, dedicated and committed employees,” Kelly added. “My responsibility is to continue to support and offer assistance to the employees to keep Mike’s legacy going.”

She finds the business to be rewarding. “I enjoy the relationship with the employees and the conversations with customers and offering good service to our clients,” Kelly said.

Mike Cvetan Plumbing Inc. specializes in: .Residential, industrial and commercial construction .Kitchen/bathroom remodeling .Water softener installation .Water heater replacement .Service and repairs .Drain clean and sewer jetting. For those who might not understand, Scott explained the process of sewer jetting.

“It entails cleaning out a drain line with a high pressure washer,” he said.

A tip he provided to consumers is to run plenty of water through the drain in a sink after using it. “Hot water is the best,” Scott said.

He also advises having a water back-up sump up to use in the event of a power outage. “The water sump pump acts as a priming system,” Scott said.

He has encountered changes in the plumbing industry during his tenure. “The process is getting faster, due to the materials out there,” he said.

For example, “Copper water lines have been replaced by Peks lines, plastic water lines,” he said.

Mike Cvetan Plumbing’s tagline is “One Flush above the Rest.”

“We get to the point and explain to the clients what we are doing and answer their questions and concerns,” Scott said.

Note: For further information, contact Mike Cvetan Plumbing Inc. at 452-1313.

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