Time to spread the ‘Cheese Capital’ logo around

HERE’S HOPING THAT THE new “Plymouth Wisconsin Cheese Capital of the World” logo quickly becomes ubiquitous.

The logo - designed by Barkin Spider, a freelance illustration and design studio in Green Bay – was approved last month by the Redevelopment Authority and has been trademarked by the city.

It is available for use by any business or organization that wants to show off its pride of being part of the “Cheese Capital of the World.”

The logo, complete with usage style guide and high resolution files in multiple formats, is available from Plymouth City Administrator/ Utilities Manager Brian Yerges at (920) 893-1271 or by email at

It’s available in black-and-white or two-color format.

The city plans to utilize it on stationary, in signage and in other places, and that should be just the start.

The logo is a simple yet elegant design that says a lot in a little bit of space.

The shape is reminiscent of a blue-ribbon, which is certainly a perfect summary of the many fine, award-winning cheeses produced by Plymouth’s several cheese manufacturers and packagers.

The other graphic image is a block of cheese – naturally – with a healthy bite in the shape of an outline of the state of Wisconsin, with Plymouth’s location highlighted by a star.

The trademarked slogan “Cheese Capital of the World” wraps around the top and bottom of the circular design, with “Plymouth, Wisconsin EST 1877” prominent in the center of the logo.

All together, it’s a perfect symbol of what has and what continues to make Plymouth great – cheese.

Dairy Farmers of America, Great Lakes Cheese of Wisconsin, Masters Gallery Foods, Sargento Foods and Sartori Foods all carry on the proud history and heritage of cheese and cheesemaking that has been part of Plymouth since even before the city was incorporated.

Some 15 percent of all the cheese consumed in the United States, according to one estimate, spends at least some time in Plymouth during its manufacturing or distribution cycles. That’s a lot of cheese and is good justification for calling Plymouth the “Cheese Capital of the World.”

Now it’s time to make sure everyone who comes to Plymouth, or everyone who gets something that comes from Plymouth, sees that declared in logo form.

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