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To the Editor,

What is the result of five judges declaring that a samesex relationship is a marriage? Frankly, this decision really puts Teflon on that slippery slope that some philosophers and theologians have been warning us about.

Even the pagans, in the time of Hammurabi, 4,000 years ago, understood the value to their civilization of the permanent union of a man and a woman. They gave the man and woman relationship the place-of-honor and a lawful status in order to continue, nourish, and protect the family, the basic structure of society. They understood that

Thus, on the natural level, using just reason, common sense, and prudence, we can understand that same-sex marriage is detrimental to the common good and thus society. It is also wrong because it is sterile. It dies of itself in just one generation. By itself, it ends civilization, unless it gets “outside help” in order to produce children.

On the other hand, a permanent union of a man and woman not only begets children, it also nourishes, educates, and protects them. That relationship is the foundational structure that not only continues any civilization but makes it flourish.

Thus, as the family structure goes, so does civilization and nations themselves. We must protect the natural family structure. Two obvious ways come to mind. All of us, churched and unchurched must band together and practice civil disobedience. That can’t put all of us in jail. Then we must be very careful for whom we vote. For they pick our judges.. Jim Piper


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