Adell discusses conditional use permits

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

ADELL — At the July Village Board meeting, the fee charged for conditional use applications was discussed.

The costs to the village for a recent conditional use permit went far beyond the application fees. Clerk/Treasurer Kelly Rathke told the board, “Just for this conditional use alone, between engineering and attorney fees, it was $5,201.50. Only a small portion of that gets billed out to [the applicant].”

Engineering fees were passed on to the applicant when the engineer inspected the site. But such fees are not passed on when there is a special meeting, as happened when the engineer and the village attorney met with the Plan Commission to discuss the project.

The recent permit was exceptionally complicated, Village President Andrew Schmitt said. He thought all engineering and legal fees should be passed on to the applicant.

The board will further research this subject.

Park improvements

Jeff Kreutzinger asked the board if it would be acceptable for the Athletic Association to put up permanent cooking grills, possibly four, in the park. “Random Lake’s got them at the beach, and I thought they’d be something nice to have,” said Kreutzinger.

The board unanimously approved the idea. Kreutzinger said the decision was now with the Athletic Association.

Schmitt asked the board if there was any interest in erecting a shelter at the park, similar to the one recently put up behind the SilverCreek fire hall.

“I always thought it would be nice to have one up by the brat stand, and by the playground equipment,” Schmitt said. He added that it would be best if the community would be involved with such a project. His suggestion was a structure with a metal roof and no sides.

Board members supported the idea of further investigating the idea.

Other village business

Schmitt said the village did very well on the DNR’s Compliance Maintenance Annual Report (CMAR), which evaluated the Onion River Wastewater Plant. The board unanimously approved a resolution accepting the report’s results.

The village solicited bids for work on Well #1. Only two were received. One was $10,839. Board members expressed surprise, saying that was quite high. The other bid, from Daggett Roofing of Random Lake, was $6,295. Several board members considered that to be high, but others said it was reasonable. The board unanimously voted to accept the bid from Daggett Roofing.

Kreutzinger reported that he’d researched what kinds of trees are available to plant within the village. He said there are many varieties, but the tree ordinance allows a very limited variety to be planted near the streets. Trees planted near a street are limited to varieties of small trees, so that growing root systems will not disrupt the sidewalks. Trustee Kim Peterson said that list had been set up long ago. Schmitt said it was a good item to review, but because street work had taken up much of the year’s budget, planting trees could not be done this year. Peterson said the tree committee would have a meeting to review the current list of acceptable trees, and perhaps add to it.

A resident has requested a zoning change on a property, without giving the village a reason for the rezoning. Schmitt recommended to Rathke that the application be declined and the check returned. The board voted unanimously to do just that.

Shawn Bigelow of Public Works reported that the wastewater treatment plant has been experimenting to lower phosphorous output from the plant. By treating the water with chemicals, they’ve been able to reduce phosphorous to four or five parts per million (ppm). “But we’re only going to get to a certain point” with chemical treatment, Bigelow said. The Department of Natural Resources might mandate a reduction in phosphorous output much lower than that — to .075 ppm. Schmitt said if that mandate goes through, the treatment plant would need to be remodeled at a cost of a million dollars.

Bigelow is consulting with other communities that process water, to get other ideas.

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