Court Report

The following persons either stipulated to the indicated charge or had their cases heard in Sheboygan County Circuit Court. All information is taken from case documents.

Waiver of Extradition

Tremell, Jordan-Returned to Texas

Revocation of Probation

Kapphahn, Adam J., 4/27/1983, Random Lake, 9 months, 90 days jail, still owes $564.00.

Taylor, Dartanion J., 3/26/1986, Sheboygan, 90 days jail, still owes $176.00.


Abhold Sarah F., 5/1968, Sheboygan, Unlawful Phone Use-Repeated Harassment, $200.50.

Bricco, Jason E., 3/1974, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct, $326.50.

Broehm, Justin A., 10/15/1988, Plymouth, Disorderly Conduct, $217.10.

Buhler, Mitchell E., 7/1993, Sheboygan Falls, Retail Theft, $389.50.

Coldren, Michael, 9/1996, Sheboygan, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Vehicle Passenger Fail to Wear Seat Belt, $210.50.

Dayton, Matthew W., 4/1984, Sheboygan, Retail Theft, $389.50.

Garrison, Michaela D., 6/17/1992, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct, $217.10.

Killebrew, Alexander W., 2/8/1992, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct, $217.10.

Loomis, Eric S., 8/1985, Sheboygan, Tire Squealing/Unnecessary Motor Noise, $169.00.

Mccoy, Maxwell P., 2/1997, Oostburg, Disorderly Conduct, $326.50.

Miesfeld, Pamela A., 6/1959, St. Nazianz, Trespass to Land, $263.50.

Thompson, Tylor J., 12/1991, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct, $326.50.


Aderman, Marissa L, 12/1998, Glenbeulah, Failure to Keep Vehicle under Control, $213.10.

Altman, Eric M., 9/1992, Plymouth, Unreasonable and Imprudent Speed, $213.10.

Alverex, Higinio A., 8/1996, Cleveland, Operating while Suspended, Speeding in 55 mph Zone, $401.00.

Behnke, Jeremy A., 3/1978, Cascade, Operate while Suspended (4th), Operate after Rev/Susp of registration, $375.80.

Biley, James T., 3/1961, Belgium, Unsafe Lane Deviation, $175.30.

Birenbaum, Michael B., 3/1997, Plymouth, Speedometer Violations, $175.30.

Blackburn, Luke J., 5/1979, Sheboygan Falls, Operate Vehicle w/o Insurance, $200.50.

Brede, Billie J., 7/1980, Cascade, Operate without a Valid License, Vehicle Operator Fail to Wear Seat Belt, $210.50.

Brey, Michael G., 9/1971, Cedar Grove, Non-Registration of Vehicle-Auto, $175.30.

Brownell, Sharon S., 4/1964, Sheboygan Falls, Speeding on City Highway, $225.70.

Capetillo, Efrem, 6/1947, Newton, Non-Registration of Vehicle-Auto, $175.30.

Cooney, Vincent T., 12/1963, Sheboygan, Operate w/o Valid License, $200.50.

Cunningham, Nicole K., 3/1986, Plymouth, Vehicle Operator Fail/Wear Seat Belt, Operate Vehicle without insurance, Operate while Suspended (4th), $411.00.

Dahm, Betty L., 7/1975, Elkhart Lake, Display Unauthorized Vehicle Registration Plate, Fail/Yield Right/Way from Stop Sign (Resulting Bodily Harm), $627.80.

Dunn, Jr., Michael, 6/1981, Sheboygan, Operate after Rev/Susp. of Registration, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, $375.80.

Evraets, Janice M., 12/1962, Sheboygan, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, $200.50.

Fox, Samantha D., 8/1971, New Holstein, Fail/Yield While Making Left Turn (Resulting Bodily Harm, $150.10.

Graves, Julie E., 6/1975, Kiel, Fail/ Yield While Making Left Turn, $175.30.

Gruber, Jonah G., 9/1997, Sheboygan, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Adequate Muffler, $175.30.

Heimerl, Alexandra C., 2/1999, Sheboygan, Probationary Licensee Operate Class D Vehicle between the Hours of Midnight and 5 am, $200.50.

Hemb, Aric C., 10/1998, Sheboygan, Exceeding Speed Zones, License Restriction Violation Class D or M Vehicle, $401.00.

Hildebrand, Jeremy J., 4/1989, Oostburg, Impeding Traffic by Slow Speed, $150.10.

Jones, Suzanne E., 8/1950, Sheboygan, Speeding on City Highway, $250.90.

Jordi, Tyler J., 6/1992, Sheboygan, Exceeding Speed Zones, $200.50.

Klug, Dylan J., 6/1995, Oostburg, Operate while Suspended, Fail/Yield Right/ Way from Stop Sign, $375.80.

Kramer, Mark R., 6/1970, Sheboygan, Non-Registration of Vehicle-Auto, $175.30.

Lindekugel, Danielle E., 9/1987, Sheboygan, Operate w/o Valid License, $200.50.

Maddox, Jasmine, 6/1991, Sheboygan, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, Operate after Rev/Susp of Registration, $375.80.

Martinez-Marin, Luis F., 9/1998, Cleveland, Operate Motor Vehicle by Permittee w/o Instructor, $200.50.

Mata-Medina, David E., 4/1998, Sheboygan, Speeding on Expressway, $250.90.

Maertz, Gary R., 3/1970, Sheboygan, Improper Signal for Stop/Turn, $175.30.

McGrath, Toni L., 6/1953, Plymouth, Non-Registration of Vehicle-Auto, $175.30.

Mielke, Janice R., 7/1943, Cascade, Passing in No-Passing Zone, $213.10.

Rassel, Kimberly A., 3/1987, Cascade, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, $200.50.

Rodriguez, Jr., Raul, 12/1981, Sheboygan, Operate while Suspended, Operate after Rev/Susp of Registration, $375.80.

Schmidt, Melinda J., 8/1981, Plymouth, Vehicle Operator Fail/Wear Seat Belt, Operate while Suspended, $210.50.

Schwibinger, Carl E., 10/1965, Plymouth, Fail/Stop at Stop Sign, $175.30.

Senkbeil, Faith A., 9/1996, Sheboygan, Exceeding Speed Zones, $225.70.

Sepstead, Alex M., 4/1996, Sheboygan, Operate w/o Valid License, $200.50.

Serwe, Hayden M., 4/1992, Campbellsport, Display Unauthorized Vehicle Registration Plate, $238.30.

Suttles, Amy M., 2/1976, Cascade, Vehicle Operator Fail/Wear Seat Belt, Operate while Suspended, $210.50.

Testwuide, Chase D., 9/1998, Sheboygan, Exceeding Speed Zones, $250.90.

Theis, Robert N., 12/24/1954, Random Lake, Operate w/o Carrying License, $217.10.

Thompson, Amber C., 1/1994, Sheboygan,

Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, Operate w/o Valid License, $401.00.

Thompson, Carley E., 10/1996, Glenbeulah, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, $200.50.

Wagner, Andrew J., 2/1993, Plymouth, Non-Registration of Vehicle-Auto, $175.30.

Waisanen, Sarah S., 3/1988, Sheboygan, Operate after Rev/Susp of Registration, $175.30.

Walcott, Katherine M., 6/1989, Oostburg, Speeding in 55 mph Zone, Vehicle Operator Fail/Wear Seat Belt, $185.30.

Welsch, Amber L., 8/1980, Sheboygan, Operate after Rev/Susp of Registration, Operate while Suspended, $375.80.

Williams, Rebecca K., 4/1990, Sheboygan, Operate after Rev/Susp of Registration, $175.30.

Xiong, Destiny R., 6/1995, Sheboygan, Inattentive Driving, $187.90

Operate while suspended

Beck, Brandon T., 10/1991, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Kreutz, James W., 7/1938, Kiel, $200.50.

Mclaughlin, William A., 11/1996, Sheboygan Falls, $200.50.

Mettrey, Samuel A., 11/1973, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Olivares, Beau Buck, 4/1992, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Speeding in 55 mph

Aschenbach, Kevin, 8/1967, Sheboygan, $175.30.

Balient-Kaat, Amy J., 2/1980, Sheboygan, $225.70.

Bartlett, Christine M., 2/1970, Adell, $225.70.

Bast, Robert J., 9/1972, Sheboygan Falls, $250.90

Burgard, Eric S., 10/1996, Sheboygan Falls, $175.30.

Dixon, William R., 3/1994, Cleveland, $250.90.

Everson, Russell J., 8/1979, Sheboygan, $150.10.

Heling, Alexander D., 4/1980, Port Washington, $250.90.

Hernandez, Leo M., 4/1956, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Krueger, Jennifer M., 5/1978, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Leiteritz, Megan M., 9/1979, Cleveland, $175.30.

Meyer, Jesse L., 10/1993, Plymouth, $200.50.

Schelfhout, Christopher, 5/1995, Kiel, $200.50.

Schmit, Jennifer, 12/1980, Random Lake, $200.50.

Schnabl, Jessica M., 6/1992, Adell, $200.50.

Verley, Tabitha L., 11/1983, Port Washington, $225.70


Blad, Eric S., 9/12/1979, Glenbeulah,

Operate Firearm while Intoxicated, $455.00.

Breitzman, Logan D., 10/19/1994, Plymouth, Possession of Marijuana, $217.10.

D’Angelo, Cortney D., 6/2/1985, Plymouth, Damage to Property, $217.10.

Fry, Anthony C., 12/3/1985, Howards Grove, Battery and Disorderly Conduct, 8 months jail, $962.00.

Fennessy, Stephanie C., 9/1/1990, Sheboygan, Retail Theft-Intentionally Take, Court remitted costs.

Lorenz, Jacob R.D., 9/20/1997, Sheboygan Falls, Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, $455.00.

Marksman, Dakota, 6/15/1996, Sheboygan, Possess Drug Paraphernalia, $528.00.

Pearson, Kain T., 4/3/1998, Sheboygan Falls, Possession of THC, $455.00.

Portillo, Marcos R., 7/13/1996, Sheboygan, Battery, 30 days jail, $555.00.

Sachse, Mark W., 10/22/1979, Sheboygan Falls, Disorderly Conduct, $455.00.

Sergent, Donna R., 2/12/1956, Sheboygan, Resisting or Obstructing an Offi- cer, $455.00.

Vanderlois, Kimberly A., 2/11/1960, Sheboygan, 3 counts Retail Theft-Intentionally Take <=$500, $481.40.

Wingo, Danny L., 8/30/1980, Sheboygan, Credit Card-Fraudulent Use 1 year jail (served concurrent with other counts), $1,597.71.

Wright, Julie A., 5/13/1965, Port Washington, 3 counts Retail Theft-Intentionally Take <=$500. $481.40.


Ball, Brandon M., 12/30/1993, Sheboygan, Substantial Battery-Intend Bodily Harm, 12 months prison, 2 years extended supervision, $530.00.

Cline, Jordan C., 1/19/1997, Sheboygan, Bail Jumping, 7 days jail, $530.00.

Deckert, Joseph M., 4/8/1987, Sheboygan, 2 counts Manufacture/Deliver Heroin (<3g), 4 years prison, 4 years extended supervision, $2,323.70.

Didier, Adam N., 12/5/1979, Cedar Grove, Bail Jumping, 60 days jail-stayed, $530.00.

Fleming, Bryan P., 1/26/1995, Sheboygan Falls, 2nd degree Sexual Assault, 4 months jail, $530.00.

Kohlwey, Allen O., 3/19/1953, Sheboygan, Battery to Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Fighters or Commission Wardens, $530.00.

Labine, Shawn P., 10/27/1974, Glenbeulah, Burglary-Building or Dwelling, $

Stangel, Tyler L, 12/11/1989, Sheboygan, Possession of Narcotic Drugs, Jail -90 days (stayed), $546.00.

Torres, Dorian, 2/15/1996, Sheboygan, 1st Degree Intentional Homicide, Life Imprisonment, eligible for extended supervision in 28 years.

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