Waldo board hears plans to expand fire training building

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

WALDO—Preston Kvindlog addressed the Village Board at its meeting Monday, asking if the village would allow him to expand the fire department’s current training building at the park as part of an Eagle Scout project.

The intent was to “add more variety of training opportunities and options for the fire department.”

Kvindlog said he’d like to add one story to the existing structure. Walls added would be modular and movable, so that trainers could configure the new portion of the structure into a variety of training scenarios.

The project would be funded through the fire department.

Village President Dan Schneider said he thought the project was a good idea. He said the structure is near a property line, and suggested that Kvindlog look into exactly how near that line new additions could be built.

Kvindlog’s inquiry was a request for preliminary approval (which the board granted, unanimously). Kvondlog will next write up a detailed proposal, and submit that to the board for consideration.

Besides being used by the Waldo Fire Department, the current training building is utilized by the fire departments of Cascade, Oostburg, and Adell.

Mill Pond plan

At its May meeting, the board heard from Kevin Struck, growth management educator at the Sheboygan UW-Extension, who summarized a management plan for the Mill Pond. Creation of such a plan, Struck said, would make the village eligible for a grant from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Since May, the board has had the opportunity to review the management plan. At Monday’s meeting, Struck went over several points of the plan, which he said was about 99 percent complete. Once it is complete, and once the village approves the plan, Struck said he would submit the application for the grant, adding, “I don’t charge for that.”

Other than typical village expenditures, and the occasional street project, Schneider said the Mill Pond is the number one place where the village has spent money in the past two years. “My concern is that I don’t want to tie the village into anything that it can’t afford,” said Schneider.

Another concern, he said, was “when we go up for grant money, that there are strings attached that will snowball into costs for the village down the road. I’d hate to see that happen as well.”

Schneider said the plan seems reasonable. He would like to see the pond support better fishing, as it did 20 to 30 years ago.

The board unanimously approved the plan.

Other village business

Clerk/Treasurer Michelle Brecht reported on an evaluation of the village’s polling place by the Government Accountability Board (GAB), conducted during voting in November. Though the village did well overall, the GAB found several items related to access for the disabled that the village needed to address before the next election:

The east door must be altered so that eight pounds or less of pressure can open it. The report docked the village for not having a village map, even though one is in plain sight on the wall. One entry way needs to have an even, unbroken surface between the road and the door, which a walker or wheelchair can navigate.

Schneider wondered if the designated handicapped entrance should be the south door, instead of the east door. Because more people use that door, he thought a ramp there would make more sense.

The board unanimously approved several requests for village facility rentals.

Police report: In Waldo the past month, there were no citations, arrests made, traffic accidents investigated, court appearances or warrants. There were six property checks and one complaint investigated (an open door).

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