Adell’s Klumb races to Super Modified win

by Amy Juech Special to The Review

BRODY RIVEST of Sheboygan is on his way to winning the Outlaw Compact feaure at the Plymouth Dirt Track Saturday night. – Photo by Frank Motorsports BRODY RIVEST of Sheboygan is on his way to winning the Outlaw Compact feaure at the Plymouth Dirt Track Saturday night. – Photo by Frank Motorsports ____

PLYMOUTH — Past Plymouth Dirt Track Racing champions were honored Saturday night in conjunction with the PDTR program, including a dinner for them and an introduction to the fans at intermission.

The Super Modifieds were first out this evening with driver introductions. Dennis Klumb and Bill Schmidt led the Super Mods to the green flag. Dan Kruschke passed Schmidt to take over second.

Roger Borth battled Randy Osterman for fourth. Butchie Hafemann competed with Ostermann for fifth. Bob Brion maneuvered easily through traffic as the laps dwindled down.

Klumb (Adell) crossed the double checkers first, followed in order by Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer), Keith Anderson (Sheboygan), Kruschke and Brion (Plymouth).

Brad Lubach and Dan Sorce set the pace for the Grand Nationals. Lubach pulled ahead enough to lead lap one. Sorce rallied back and controlled the field by lap three.

Sorce and Lubach touched, resulting in a caution for Lubach on the front stretch. Ben Konen and Brian Gilles both left to the attention of their crews.

Sorce regained control of the field on the restart. Another caution waved for Tyler Kulow getting turned around on the front stretch.

Lubach was on a mission for the leaders after restarting in the rear of the field a few laps ago. Dan Sorce tried to keep Roger Lee in second.

Richard Hed and Donny Kulow settled into 12th while Tim Simon and Jeff Lammers competed for seventh. Up front, Mark Fieber continually held off Barry Maas for third.

Roger Lee was tight behind Dan Sorce, waiting for a mistake to make his move. As the leaders ran close together they had a front-stretch lead over third.

The checkers waved for winner Dan Sorce (Franklin), followed in order by Lee (Wind Lake), Fieber (Cascade), Maas (Cascade) and Tim Simon (Fond du Lac).

The Sprints pushed off next with Danny Schlafer and Ken Jay Fiedler setting the pace. Danny Schlafer immediately controlled the field until our first caution for a car stalled going into the pits.

Al Schlafer got tangled up on the restart and flipped into the front-stretch wall. Danny Schlafer regained control of the field with Fiedler in second, only to have another caution wave for Robbie Pribnow who spun in turn 4.

Danny Schlafer now has the company of Donny Goeden and Justin Miller on the restart. Shane Wenninger and Tim Haddy compete for seventh place.

Leader Danny Schlafer’s car came to a rest in turn 4 after jumping out of gear. Goeden controlled the restart with Fiedler in second. Haddy, Brandon McMullen and Wenninger were three-wide on the backstretch for fifth.

A red flag waved for Dannon Tessmer who tangled with Pribnow and flipped on the front stretch. Goeden held off Wenninger and Miller for another restart.

Goeden (Kewaskum) was our winner of this 13-lap feature and was followed by Wenninger (Kewaskum), Miller (Plymouth), Haddy (Waupun) and Fiedler (Sheboygan Falls), respectively.

TJ Dolhun and Jim Letizia led the Late Models to the green flag. Jim Letizia jumped out to lead lap one, followed by TJ Dolhun and Jim Schmidt. Rick Scheffler and son, Taylor, made up the fifth row.

A couple of quick yellows waved for Chris Carlson, Cody Welch, Marcus Cox, Charlie Schmidt and Joel Bennett. Jim Letizia was trying to hold off Jim Schmidt through all the restarts. TJ Dolhun and Tony Peterson swapped third place.

Turk Letizia, Taylor and Rick Scheffler ran side-by-side for sixth. Brad Mueller pulled into the infield with rear-axle issues.

Schmidt and Dolhun battled for second, resulting in Dolhun being sent through the infield. Rick Scheffler passed Turk Letizia for sixth.

At the halfway point Schmidt touched Jim Letizia to take over the lead. Rick Scheffler passed Peterson for third, as Taylor Scheffler passed Turk Letizia for fifth.

Jim Schimdt ran up on lapped traffic of Ted Dolhun Sr. As the checkers flew it was Schmidt (Cleveland) over Rick Scheffler (Waukesha), followed in order by Jim Letizia (Milwaukee), Peterson (Big Bend) and Taylor Scheffler (Waukesha).

The Outlaw Compacts were last this evening with Jon Hitsman and Donnie Welch setting the pace. Brody

Rivest managed to pass all cars between turn 4 and the green flag.

Chris Maas wasted no time trailing Rivest. Welch, Scott Schlafke and Ben Meyerhofer battled for fifth place. Rivest had a half-track lead over Maas by lap 10.

When the checkers flew it was Rivest (Sheboygan) winning with a new track record of 4 minutes, 22 seconds. Second place went to Maas (Oakfield), followed in order by Lonnie Schlafke (Sheboygan), Welch (Saukville) and Schlafke (Cleveland).

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