A record-breaking championship all the way around

JASON DAY WASN’T the only one setting records on the course at Whistling Straits over the past weekend.

The 2015 PGA Championship drew record crowds to the world-class course on the bluffs above Lake Michigan, crowds that endured searing heat and a brief but violent storm that interrupted the second round.

Like the Australian Day, who overcame past challenges and the pursuit of the world’s best golfers to become the first golfer ever to win a major tournament 20 strokes under par, the fans who attended the tournament rose to the occasion and set a mark previously unequaled.

It was the third time the PGA – one of professional golf’s four premier Grand Slam events – has been held at Whistling Straits in 14 years and each one just seems to get better.

The thousands of golf fans, whether they came for the week or just one day, brought an immense boost to the county’s economy, from filling motel rooms to filling their gas tanks to filling their shopping bags to filling their stomachs.

It advertised the charm and attraction of Sheboygan County and its residents to a worldwide television audience over four days – and it didn’t hurt at all when champion Day gave a special shout-out to Sheboygan and its hospitality in his winning remarks.

All of that will continue to boost the tourism industry not just in Sheboygan, Kohler or Haven – all of which, at various points over the weekend, were credited as the home of

Whistling Straits – but to the entire county as well.

Players, officials and visitors spread across the entire county – and beyond its borders – during their stay here and the vast majority went back home with great memories, both on the course and off.

Of course, such a hugely successful undertaking doesn’t happen just by chance.

To host and stage a major sporting event such as the PGA championship requires the cooperation and effort of a small army of officials, employees and volunteers.

Every area, from housing guests to moving people to and from the tournament to keeping them safe and happy on the course requires years of planning and flawless execution of those plans.

That required the diligent effort and selfless cooperation of thousands of people from the private and public sectors, working together to make this magic happen.

From the top on down, each and every one of those involved in staging the 2015 PGA Championship deserves thanks and credit for a job very well done.

Take a bow, each and every one of you – you’re champions all.

And we all can’t wait for Sheboygan County’s next chance to shine – the 2020 Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits. You can be sure the work for that is already well under way.

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