Two wrongs

To the Editor:

In the August 13 issue the Review’s (an Associated Press article) extolled the benefits of scientific research on “fetal sue.” Then in the August 18 issue, the Review’s cartoonist makes fun of Christians and Republicans for wanting “to waste” this great research opportunity by trying to prohibit the sale of aborted baby parts.

First, this is an act of selfdeception and propaganda. Serious thinking people know that the phrase “fetal tissue” is a euphemism for “baby in the womb.” We were all “in the womb” at one time, even Mr. Pommer, our cartoonist, and all those “brilliant scientists: who are picking over the baby arms, legs, hearts, lungs, and brains.

Second, two wrongs never make a right, no matter how good the intentions are. Killing one person so that other people may live longer or healthier can never justify an evil act. For example, not wasting the gold in the teeth of Jewish victims at Auschwitz, didn’t make killing them in the first place a virtuous act.

Hitler, Stalin, Dr. Mengele, and their “followers” also convinced themselves that evil was good and good was evil.

In our country along, over 50 million babies have been violently removed from their mother’s womb. Someday, the Democrats and their fellow journalists, who vociferously promote this atrocity, will have to answer for this genocide.

Jim and Kay Piper

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