Abraham recycles materials to make one-of-a-kind cat hammock

Jared Abraham, age 12, Plymouth, did some recycling and made a nice hammock for his cat. Jared Abraham, age 12, Plymouth, did some recycling and made a nice hammock for his cat. A cat hammock, and a little recycling of some old items and what do you get?

Why you get a merit award at the Sheboygan County Fair!

Just ask Jared Abraham, 12, Plymouth.

The son of Todd and Kara Abraham is a member of the Spring Valley 4-H Club and the category is Vet Science with a useful project for his cat.

“We saw a picture of this on Pinterest,” said Abraham, “and we had some old barn boards so I thought ‘Why no use some of them?’

“So we took all these reused boards, from an old shed, and made this three and a half feet high and about eighteen inches wide,” said Abraham, “and it has a hammock made out of fleece.

“I spray painted the boards with a leather brown color,” said Abraham, “and it’s put together so it folds up like a ladder.

“It’s a knotted fleece hammock with a long hanging toy for the cat,” said Abraham.

“My Mom and Dad helped me put the bolts in the holes,” said Abraham. “We drilled the holes and put a small chain support on the lower part of the legs for when it’s open.

“The judge said it was very artistic and he liked seeing reusable wood,” said Abraham. “He liked that I could explain it how I talked. He said it was well put together and just like it all around.

“I learned that you can re-use old things, that it doesn’t have to be all new,” said Abraham, “and the nuts and bolts and washers were also all re-used. They were just sitting in our shed and were still in old fleet farm bags. They weren’t new.

“This is for our inside cat, Molly,” said Abraham.

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