First try at acrylic painting earns Cassity a merit award

Elisabeth Cassity, 13, tried her hand in acrylic painting and won a merit award. Elisabeth Cassity, 13, tried her hand in acrylic painting and won a merit award. The category is explore in your favorite craft item and that’s exactly what Elisabeth Cassity, 13, Howards Grove, did with her acrylic painting on canvas.

The daughter of Nathan and Jennie Cassity is a member of the Herman Cheerios 4-H Club and her first attempt at canvas painting has won her a merit award at the Sheboygan County Fair.

The painting is exquisite. The colors are vibrant and the theme is almost romantic. It distinctly shows a couple walking at dusk close to a body of water where there is a quiet path with street lights shining to show them their way and it actually has depth with a 3D look.

“I get most of my ideas from other artists that I see online,” said Cassity. “This artist is unknown but there was something about the painting that it just made me want to paint this picture and I loved the vibrant colors of it. This is my first acrylic painting.

“I have done a Review story and photos by lot of colored pencil Verla Peichl pictures and this year I wanted to try paints,” said Cassity.

“This was done freehand with very minimal sketching underneath,” said Cassity. “I went to my art teacher’s house and she explained different things to me like how to make my art even better than it is.

“She showed me a lot with brush techniques like how to streak it and dab and mix the colors,” said Cassity. “I used one brush for the entire painting.

“I did a lot of color mixing,” said Cassity. “I felt like I was constantly mixing colors.

“I really want to continue with this,” said Cassity. “I’ve already asked my Mom for more canvas and paints.

“I want to try a picture that I envision in my mind,” said Cassity.

“I like how this turned out,” said Cassity. “This is probably the most favorite picture I’ve done.

“Doing this is harder than with colored pencils,” said Cassity. “Most of this was all new to me.

“The judge really liked my technique and color mixing,” said Cassity.

“I learned brush techniques but I’m not sure what’s next,” said Cassity. “I’m thinking of doing another acrylic because I like all the colors and I like outdoor scenes.”

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