Night table with shelf earns Stader merit award

Elijah Stader, 14, Plymouth, has won his first merit award on his bedside table. Elijah Stader, 14, Plymouth, has won his first merit award on his bedside table. Elijah Stader, 14, Plymouth, is the son of Jason and Amy Stader and is a member of the Spring Valley 4-H Club.

He is in the woodworking category and his project is a bedside table. That bedside table has won him his very first merit award at the Sheboygan County Fair.

“I got the idea to make this because I have a simple one and I was helping my Dad in his shop and saw some wood there and decided to make one for myself,” said Stader.

“The wood frames are curly maple, the panels are regular maple, known as tiger stripe and the top is padauk,” said Stader.

“The stand is twenty six inches tall and nineteen to twenty inches wide with the top,” said Stader.

“I drew up the design in my sketch book and every time I was in the shop I worked on it a little bit,” said Stader.

“I cut the wood myself and put it together,” said Stader. “I used a brad gun which is a smaller nail gun, and for the frames I used a Kreg machine. That drills holes so the screws can be inserted without being visible.

“The top is two pieces and I glued them and used the Kreg and screwed it to the frame,” said Stader. “The drawer has a catch to keep it closed.

“I stained the frames, sanded them, put on a coat of lacquer, sanded again and put on two more coats of lacquer,” said Stader.

“The top comes with the red color,” said Stader. “I just lacquered it, sanded it and then put on two more coats.

“The shelf on the bottom gives it an open concept,” said Stader. “I like how it turned out. It’s better than the night stand I have.

“The judge said it was very striking and the colors worked well, and that I did a good job,” said Stader. “By clamping the two pieces on top together you can’t see the seam.

“I learned that a lot of work is put into building something like this and I used a couple of tools I hadn’t used before,” said Stader.

“I will make a desk that matches with the same kind of wood,” said Stader.

“My Dad was very pleased with it and (said) that it turned out very well and he didn’t realize that the red was as beautiful as it is,” said Stader.

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