Waldo swears in new trustee

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

WALDO—Dennis Reinemann, a resident of Waldo for 13 years, was appointed and sworn in as a Village Board trustee at the board’s meeting Monday night.

Trustee Michele Preder announced at the May meeting that she and her husband were moving, and she could no longer serve on the board.

Village President Dan Schneider said of Reinemann, “I believe he would provide us with some good insight, as he’s a gentleman with good business experience and sound decision making.”

Clerk/Treasurer Michelle Brecht asked Reinemann what business he was in. “Industrial supply,” he answered. “An outside sales person.”

The board unanimously approved Reinemann’s appointment. Brecht performed the swearing-in ceremony.

Schneider gave an update on the Depot Street project.

At the August meeting, it was decided to remove an aging bus shelter. This was accomplished since then. Trustee Mike Hintz said he’d heard concerns about students being picked up by the school bus on State 28. In the winter months, it’s dark when students board the bus.

Hintz said that, a few years before, the village had asked the bus service to pick students up in a nearby subdivision. “That was denied by the school board,” Hintz said. “Our entire village board took three months to get on their agenda.” Hintz said State 28 is a dangerous road in the morning.

The village received a letter from Sheboygan County Clerk Jon Dolson. As Brecht explained this letter, increased costs of programming for voting machines will be passed on to municipalities over the next few years.

Brecht said she’d also asked Dolson about a new voting machine for the village. Dolson replied via e-mail to Brecht, but the costs were not certain. Because Brecht will see Dolson at an upcoming training for clerks, Schneider told Brecht, “If you do see him, we should try to get a handle on what he believes that total cost to the village should be. Even if it’s just a ball-park. Is it $6,000? Is it $16,000?”

“Am I seeing that right?” asked Hintz, looking over the e-mail, which said that a new machine would cost in the neighborhood of $10,000 to $11,000, and that the software to run it is another $100,000.

“That’s why I asked for clarification,” said Schneider. “That could be a really big number.” What Schneider wanted Brecht to clarify with Dolson was that Dolson is “asking us to budget something, but you’re not giving us the number to budget to. You’re not giving us what our options are.”

Schneider said, “The next question is: What do we have to do? I know what [Dolson] would like us to do. But what are we required to do?”

Hintz estimated there are about two hundred votes in a Waldo election. “That’s a lot of change for two hundred votes,” he said. He said it makes sense for a larger municipality to have access to advanced technology, which tallies and transmits votes electronically. But he questioned whether it was necessary for Waldo. Brecht said there are still some communities that tally votes manually.

The board unanimously approved a temporary liquor license for the Waldo Fire Dept., for their coming fish fry.

Five requests for rental of village facilities were approved unanimously.

Police report: In Waldo the past month, there was 1 citation (no insurance), 5 warnings, 2 complaints investigated (a burning complaint and an auto lockout), and 7 property checks.

Jean Born, District Administrator of the School District of Sheboygan Falls, is scheduled to attend the village’s next meeting, on Monday, Oct. 12, 6 p.m. Brecht told the board that her intent is to present an open forum for the community, and to “improve communication with all the schools involved in the Sheboygan Falls School District.”

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