Busy move-in weekend

To The Editor:

Positive events gave Tammy and I welcomed distractions during our move this weekend.

First was the dedication of Pine Haven Christian Home’s new addition to their Haven campus. Joining them in prayer for the new building on Saturday, made me reflect on the work that went into the new addition.

It was a privilege to be involved in a small way from planning, ground breaking, grand opening and Saturday’s dedication.

In today’s world, where prayer is often forgotten, or not permitted, it was refreshing that throughout the process Roger Leys or Ron Walvoort started all of our meetings with a simple prayer asking for God’s blessing and guidance.

We were even able to stop back for a burger at Pine Haven’s Autumn Festival that followed the dedication.

Second, Oktoberfest enjoyed great weather and big crowds this weekend and we were able to grab supper there both Friday and Saturday. Yes for those of you counting, I did have two suppers on Saturday.

Being a past chair of Falls Fest, I know the amount of work that goes into planning and holding an event like Oktoberfest. I am glad the Lions and KPAL had a great two-day run.

The railroad was even receptive to my call asking them to delay the Monroe Street road closure to keep the Oktoberfest run route intact and help traffic flow smoothly from Kohler down to River Park.

Speaking of the railroad, I know it has been a bit messy, but we are on the home stretch. The return of rail service after a nine-year absence will be extremely beneficial to our local economy.

The new rail will help keep our largest employer, Bemis, competitive and growing, as well as create other economic and job opportunities.

Finally, don’t worry, we didn’t move far, only to Mark Avenue.

There is nothing wrong with our office location, but we just wanted a yard for our two grandkids to play in.

Mayor Randy Meyer

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