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To the Editor,

On Sept 30 the discretionary portion of the government budget may no longer be funded because the president and Congress have to agree on a budget deal for the new fiscal year. A Continuing Resolution is required to keep many of the functions of our government in operation beyond Sept. 30 and until a budget deal is reached. The Democrats and Republicans are poised to approve a Continuing

Resolution that will maintain spending at the levels agreed upon in last year’s budget. Alas, quick enactment of this Resolution may be held up by President Obamas’ and Senate Demo- crats’ refusal to defund the discretionary portion of Planned Parenthood (PP) as demanded by many Republicans. (Most of PP funding is mandatory and would not be cut off) Conservative Republicans are appalled by the recent videos showing PP personnel negotiating the illegal sale of body parts from late term abortions. For that reason, these Republican legislators cannot in good conscience support a bill that includes PP funding in violation of their moral and religious beliefs. The Democrats and the liberal press, on the other hand, are unanimous in supporting PP regardless of the gory visual evidence of misconduct and the goal of PP to provide abortions under any circumstance. It is truly disturbing when we are forced to fund with taxpayer money a government program that violates our constitutional and moral rights and those of the unborn.

It is known through the polls that a majority of Americans do not favor government shutdowns regardless of the principles at stake. Thus the president and Senate Democrats are likely able to force a Continuing Resolution containing PP funding. Expect the baby carnage to continue unabated until we elect a President who knows right from wrong.

Dennis Gasper

Chair, Sheboygan County

Republican Party

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