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To the Editor,

Nearly half a million migrants and refugees have arrived in Europe this year alone, according to the United Nations Commissioner for refugees, a number that is only expected to rise. Already there are 1.9 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, 1.2 million in Lebanon and 630,000 registered in Jordan. Many more have come to Europe and are in the process of being screened.

While measures are being taken in many of the European countries to host and help these unfortunates, the U.S. has agreed to admit a cap of only 100,000 refugees in total from all the countries by 2017.

What has become of the lady in the New York harbor who supposedly welcomes strangers, just as these people seeking a measure of peace and freedom, and a place to call home? After all, refugees are defined as citizens of a country who flee from it for fear of their safety, and whose lives are in peril.

Could we, as a country, show more hospitality and caring and thus send a message that we can be proud of?

If you have the same feelings, that the U.S. could agree to take in more refugees, let your senators and congressman know, please.

Name withheld upon request

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