Chopping off the mayor’s mutton chops

Mayor Donald Pohlman sacrificed his mutton chop sideburns in the heart of downtown Friday just prior to the Homecoming parade to pay off a pledge from the Family Fun Day event last July.

Pohlman had agreed to have his sideburns shaved off if $4,000 could be raised at the July event, which benefitted the Plymouth Police Dog fund, the Plymouth Fire Department, Project Angel Hugs and the Downtown Plymouth Association.

With the goal reached, Pohlman was delivered to the intersection of Mill and Stafford streets by police car (below) Friday, where Downtown Manager Randy Schwoerer delivered him for his tonsorial appointment.

Denise Drews did the clipping honors, accompanied by a drum roll (above right) despite an offer from Terry Abler to do the honors with a gas trimmer (right).

Review photos byEmmitt B. Feldner Review photos byEmmitt B. Feldner

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