Wade House hosts ‘Autumn Celebration’ days

Revel in the traditions of the fall season during Wade House's "Autumn Celebration" Saturday, Oct. 17 and Sunday, Oct. 18 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Guests will learn about the traditional harvest season in Wisconsin as well as early traditions of Halloween. The event includes a variety of family friendly activities including turnip and pumpkin carving, apple ducking, storytelling, apple cider tasting, open-air horse-drawn wagon rides and more.

The experience will begin on the first floor of the 1850 Wade House stagecoach hotel. Costumed staff will greet visitors inside the historic tap room and share the history of how Ameri- cans adapted Irish customs to celebrate Halloween in a new and unique way.

In the hotel's 19th-century kitchens, visitors will discover how apple peels and hazelnuts were used to tell fortunes as well as enjoy a taste of warm apple cider. Outside on the Wade House lawn, visitors will get to carve a turnip into a traditional Irish jacko lantern, or a pumpkin into the better-known North American lantern.

In the blacksmith shop, guests will have the opportunity to play snap apple as well as duck for apples, both traditional Halloween games. Snap apple participants will try to take a bite of an apple as it dangles in front of them, and visitors who duck for apples in a basin of water will try to catch a floating apple with their teeth.

The celebration continues in the candlelit Herrling sawmill where visitors will not only hear the rumble of an up-and-down water-powered saw but also spooky, family-friendly accounts of tales from the past.

On both days, food and beverages will be available at the Butternut Café from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. with service of ice cream and beverages continuing until 5 p.m.

Visitors will begin the special experience at the new Wade House Visitor Center and Wesley W. Jung Carriage Museum located at W7965 State Highway 23.

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