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Carisa Kleinhans enjoying her wellness adjustment from Dr. Cindy Munson at Chiro-Health. — Submitted photo Carisa Kleinhans enjoying her wellness adjustment from Dr. Cindy Munson at Chiro-Health. — Submitted photo The Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin (CSW) is promoting Chiro Kids Day Wisconsin as a public awareness campaign to give parents information on the benefits of Chiropractic care for children.

Many parents currently take their children for regularly scheduled dental and medical appointments and may be missing out on the positive benefits of Chiropractic care for them because they have not had the opportunity to learn about it.

“Pediatric care is a large part of my practice,” says Dr Cindy Munson. “Parents are looking for ways for their children to function at their maximum capacity. Sheboygan County residents are very lucky to have many local chiropractors who are trained to care for the pediatric population. Whether you have a full grown spine or a tiny one, if the spine is negatively impacting the communication of the nervous system, the body is then unable to regulate and coordinate optimal function. It is much easier to grow a healthy child than to fix a damaged adult. Clearing the system as it grows prevents the body from developing poor neurologic patterns.”

Dr. Dan Francis at Francis Chiropractic agrees, stating, “I am always amazed at how quickly children respond to chiropractic care. I believe the reason is because their bodies don’t have years of stress built into them.”

There are many techniques used in correcting spinal and neurological function.

Newborn and infant care utilizes very light pressures and impulses with no more pressure than you could comfortably push on a closed eyelid.

As the child grows and matures, different techniques are used.

Common reasons parents seek out chiropractic care for their children include birth trauma, difficulty breastfeeding, colic ear infections, developmental delays, digestive issues, falls, sports injury and wellness care.

The doctors at Plymouth Chiropractic - Dr. Sharon Bush, Dr. Jan Cecka and Dr. Brad Wiegand - work with sports injury, foot conditions and custom orthotics.

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association’s website is a valuable resource when studying research on conditions and effectiveness of care.

For additional information on incorporating healthy choices for your little ones and trouble shooting common dysfunctions like colic, ear infections, fevers and injuries, Dr. Cindy Munson will be leading a workshop entitled “Raising Super Healthy Kids – Naturally!” at the Plymouth Public Library, Thursday Oct. 29, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Please RSVP to Chiro-Health Chiropractic care Center 893-2345.

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