To the Editor,

I love to travel, and to drive in our beautiful state.

However, I believe that we can not afford to spend more than $100 million (that we don’t have) to “improve” Highway 23 at this time. Taking away individual homes and scenic places is also unfair to the majority. Long term maintenance of roadways is also a hugh issue.

As Member 273 of “Citizens for Land Use Planning”, even though I believe in efficiency of transport (and have given up driving on Hwy. 23 where the existing roadway is still broken) I speak for those who believe that our school children, our collegeage children, and persons who rarely would use Hwy. 23 need to have our precious dollars used for basics, not for transports that could be done by trains, rather than trucks.

If we want more “freeways”, let those who are willing to pay personally for them speak up and then pay tolls to use them. It’s called: “Pay as you go!”.

If businesses want them, then they can offer to pay for them.

Carol Rittenhouse Plymouth

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