Sherman board passes 2016 budget

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

SHERMAN—At its November meeting, the town board passed the town’s 2016 budget, approved a conditional use permit for construction of a residence, and heard an analysis of the town’s current insurance coverage.

Business for the town started the night of Wednesday, Nov. 4 with a public hearing addressing the budget and the requested conditional use permit.

The 2016 bottom-line number (both income and expenses) is $473,812, which is $5,492 higher than 2015’s budget.

Of those numbers, $341,182 in property taxes will be levied by the town, which is an increase of $715 over 2015 (.21 percent, or one-fifth of one per cent). That levy increase is the highest allowed by Wisconsin law. If the town had sought to exceed that amount, a procedure would have been set in motion to get approval from residents.

Because his property is within the Farmland Preservation Zone, Jeff Uecker was required to get a condition use permit to build a home, off of Hwy. A near Adell.

There were few comments during the public hearing, other than some questions from the owner of land adjoining Uecker’s. The to-be neighbors had not previously met.

The public hearing was adjourned, and a special town meeting of electors was convened. Without discussion, electors present joined with the board to unanimously approve a total of $216,363 in expenditures for town road maintenance, and the total tax levy of $341,182.

The meeting of electors was adjourned, and the regular town board meeting convened.

The board unanimously approved:

• Adoption of the town’s 2016 budget.

• The conditional use permit for Jeff Uecker.

• The Joint Powers Agreement for 2016.

• Ordinance 2015-12. A technicality made it necessary for the town to again state its selection of Option E under the Implements of Animal Husbandry law

Two representatives of the Horton Group addressed the board. They reviewed the town’s current insurance coverage with Rural Mutual Insurance in detail, and made recommendations.

The town’s coverage is up for renewal with Rural Mutual on Dec. 1, the date of the next regular board meeting. Town Chairman William Goehring asked the board if, after some review of what the Horton reps had presented, a special meeting could be convened in the next month to make a decision on coverage. Board members were agreeable.

Supervisor Kris Klein said the town’s application for a grant for assistance with road repairs had resulted in some funds for the town. The exact amount was not now available. It will be a very small portion of the town’s budget for road maintenance, but will still be welcome.

Building permits issued in October: Jim Bertram, HVAC and electrical; Dave Torrison, plumbing; Mitch Fisher, deck; Bob Dreiski, electrical.

The town’s next board meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 1. (The board might call a special meeting before that, for reasons given above.)

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